Liam’s Creation Stuff: Level 2

Liam’s Creation Stuff

2nd creation of mine!, Created until April 4th, 2021!

Hey guys! My name is Noobie and welcome to the next Development Post!
It seems that Level 1 has been closed by xBlindx1 because Ethan76167 messaged me to remove some stolen assets, apologized.

And now I will continue with my creations, because lonely sometimes I make a spring card, with Sanctuary and it was inspired by:

  • Sky Sanctuary - Normal - by: rareheaddress
  • Shardial Skyline - Hard - by: oniv, Irla_stas and GreninjaTheMig

And the map is called “Cherry Pass”, the music got inspired by: “Super Mario 3D World - Cherry Pass” (same name).

But Level 1 is the previous topic I made!

But anyways, enjoy! :sunglasses:

Cherry Pass [Crazy] - by Jullakorn_Liam (-25%–Done-)

yes cool

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hello fe2 community maps.