Light Cave [2D Map]

Status: Gathering Support

Description of Map
Light Cave is a 2D map, where you escape out of a dark cave with light outlines and with a 2D camera!

Pictures of Map-

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Oh my this looks interesting, pretty unique :heart:


Thanks! :heart:

Whoa :open_mouth:

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only thing I see is that they could get lost after the last button if they dont know where their going :stuck_out_tongue: anyways cool took awhile to beat

i want 2d camera
how do you do it?

by scripting

Can you give us the script I wanna do this

@Rawblocky please,give us the script.We need more people like you in the world.

unfun D: yeet

info here i got unbanned: Read please

how to do 2D camera?

s c r i p t i n g

Kind of like the internet games like primary.

ik but what kind of? :slight_smile:


pls 2D script

can you give the working script to me plos

raw i will t pose on you if you dont