Lighted Destiny [ OFFICIAL REVAMP ]๐ŸŒ‹

Status: Gathering Support, Revamp/Buff in progress

  • 78% Finished with map.


  • Added a little bit of more buffing to the 1st room, sort of a blue moon reference but at the same time isnโ€™t.

  • Added Particles to lava, as most people do.

  • Added a little blur to the map.

  • You may not be able to see this change but I reduced the intensity of shaking. (Kinda)

  • Removed a bit of stairs in the 2nd Room for a buff, you can fall in if you donโ€™t know what youโ€™re doing.

  • Changed the final room to blue.

Map Info

  • Name: Lighted Destiny
  • Creator - holiwood200 (Chronos) & ZaDIACZoN [Me]
  • Song BGM - Cyriak - Chimpnology
  • ID: +wmzet

Welcome to Flood Laboratories! You are a working scientist, your goal is to figure out the cause of the recent floods going around.

After working some days of your shift, You heard an earthquake, as a volcano erupted. The building was shaking too much that all of a sudden, pipes exploded full of lava, Doors closed uncontrollably, paths and grounds breaking apart. Your new objective is to evacuate the facility before itโ€™s the end.


Please comment on things that I should add or revamp/buff to the map itself, thanks!

i love the wall design, it looks really cool


Thanks! I got inspiration from one of my friends.

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Iโ€™m one of the helpers on the map, I got the idea for the puddles of lava. Those look cool! and also there is a easter egg in the bottom of the destroyed stairs in the Main Hall some bits and piece of the stairs, same thing goes to that that wooden thing that u see after the stairs. Thanks for doing this, really helps my friend out, dont forget to include me, I helped a little.

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why is nobody replying


poggers map


im gonna do a pro and con list since its hard to divide the rooms


  • I like the wall details, they look clean and good.

  • levers are cool and creative

  • the last part is unique and i like that


  • make more of the rooms like the last room where the lava is different colors, maybe use orange and yellow, the green part was the best and most interesting part of the map.

  • change the color of the slidebeam and the walljump side beam.

  • remove the lava walls, they are pointless, ugly and annoying

  • make ALL of the vines cancollide false.

-change the music as it still doesnt fit very good and is shorter then the maplength.

-change the name, it doesnt fit

Wow, thanks! Iโ€™ll be sure to get to work.