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An old post I want deleted.

this is literally robloxpies’ map: Secluded Area

ye i fixed eventstring xD

idk if this is stealing, i think what im doing is just fixing the map and announcing that to people

To clarify things:

  1. I changed the map to EventString and nerfed the map a bit (lol), all credit goes to robloxpies.
  2. The reason why I did this is because I think this map is great, and I don’t think robloxpies works on this anymore.
  3. I changed the name cuz I think it’s better, and I’ve already given credit to robloxpies anyway.

i know im late

but this video shows that robloxpies isnt gone :smiley:

Raging Depths and Climbing Up are both in EventString now
@DominoContributing can le thou lock this le poste

i see he fixed all of his maps

but not that factory connection map, tunnels [RIP], the cruel tunnels , old climbing up and his old projects

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what if he just hasn’t done it yet? :maximus_thonkus: