Lockdown Mystery

Status: Gathering Support

Map ID: [WHITELISTED] Just type in “Freezer Lab” and you’ll be able to play the map. I’m lazy to type the ID out.

This map was made with a partnership with The Little Creators which includes:
Purple_Guy121 - Purple
hellohi2232004 - Richard
Michael228p / Michael228p_Dev - Michael
chongjunhan - Chong
LionLai123 - Lion

Description of Map
The terror times of an and a super hot surface in the days made the Mystery Plaza a hideout place for Robloxians in a small advanced town called Mys-to Town. As people are seeking shelter in the Plaza, Lockdown was announced to be taking place in the Plaza as there were a massive rain and caused flooding. The only way of escaping is through the Challenge course which was meant to be a training place for Sword Academy Students. Would you make it past this obstacle in your life or would you be as part of the people who have drowned in lava? The timer starts now. Just as a note, your friend started playing music lol

Pictures / Videos of Map-

Spawn Section

Separation hallways from the internal mini core…

Purple Electronic room [Mini circuits run around here]

Crystallized cave - I’ll add more detail soon

I wonder what this is… hmm mystery

2nd final section

Lockdown science.

Video uhh… I’ll get someone to do the latest version of it.

But thanks for scrolling through this long-winded post only filled with images!
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Currently working on:
Details [Too lacking]
Experimenting with neon use

Thanks for reading this!
-The Little Creators

Oh nice!

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Looks really cool! Keep it up!

I love it! I can’t create a map as good as that, check it out! IT IS PRETTY GOOD BUT NOT AS GOOD AS YOUR MAP!!! :smile: Portal Through Time (Needs Whitelisting)

I’m testing… Super cool

I made a video want me to post it now

When they reuse the song for your map. oOf.

The music is now changed
And please don’t say YOUR music,it still belong to everyone!

Can I join xd
I may be bad tho

Just simply no!

Thanks Richard for replying to the messages I don’t have time for forums ._.

When I looked at the first picture, it looked like the spawn was from a map called Aquatic Lab by ShadokuSan. In other words the map looks great! (I just wanted to point out the Aquatic Lab thing)

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It’s ok,btw,upload some of the Walkthrough please Lion,thank you!

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Suggestions are still taken!

Latest version available on video thanks random <3

Just a view of the updated version!

Howto test the map?? Please i dont know how

purple guy name tag everywhere in the picture lol

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Search up Freezer Lab. Its made by Purple_Guy121

maybe nerf the second last button since it increases chance of falling into lava