Long Jump Chaos (discontinued)

Status: gathering support, discontinued

Description of Map
ooh another map mix?? actually, yes. this map was made back in may 2019 when the doors was recently released. I decided to create an inspiration of it, which became a dead map called The Thin Bars. I was actually planning to make a TenthAngle’s map mix ver (yes my old name) and an original ver which consisted of several original and inspired maps. however SCRIPT COMMITS BREAK and RIP progress. idrk what happened after that but I decided to create this map. yes now this map came alive until uhhh june (I think?) when the MANUALWELDS invaded and broke my map. yes at that time idk how to fix that problem and I also thought that I couldn’t use weldconstraints too. yes enough backstory time for real description!!!

no there’s no description lol

ID: 4253611351

BGM: waterflame - striker (thinking of using castle tides ost tho)

Pictures / Videos of Map- all of the pictures are in order

original (inspired by map layouts)

Dark-Sci Facility

original (no inspiration)

original (no inspiration)

Overdrive jump lol

The Overflow


original (no inspiration)

original (no inspiration although with a hint of abandoned quarry)

original (inferno tower)

original (flood island themed)

ok that’s all for now reeeeeee


k got it

uh ok

Overflow room looks bad, maybe add pipes with running water

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Is this still going thru

idk, demotivation is preventing me from building this map


I feel you

also, you can play the map now, I removed the tester thing

What’s next

This map is rigged, the lava rised too fast when I reached the 3rd area

ok lemme explain, the first 2 room’s lava may be forgiving, but you still have to go very fast without stopping otherwise you would die in the 3rd room.

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bruh no matter the speed i find that room annoying

ok imma try nerfing that room

discontinuing this because:

  1. Lack of good ideas for other sections
  2. Lazy
  3. I’m going to play StarCraft after exams which means building break lol

I think I’m going to bring this map back from the dead, because this map feels like my only map with real motivation, focus and detailing IMO. It also needs to be finished lol, I should stop abandoning all my projects eh.

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Well, I have a big problem. the barrier in the 3rd room won’t move down. rn Im trying to find whats wrong and try a way to fix it. ok thats all I have to say.

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I was gonna say that when I played the map, but you already found the issue.

Gonna copy paste the entire thing into a new post so I can update the post