Looking for good collabs for this map

just started it, but since im not good at detailing so I wanted to start a temp collab for this new map

as said, I’m using this as the ost (I found it in roblox)

tell me your roblox username and ill invite you

make sure you do NOT use free models while building.

1 @ExtremeMaster999

sure i’ll join!

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ok whats your username because i have 1K+ requests lol

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wait i didnt sent u a friend request
i sent you the game in roblox studio
u can see it in my user card background

can u find the game named “Collab” in Shared Games?

uhh hold on i’m accepting it
kinda busy rn so i’ll work on the map thing later

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its accepted
Screenshot 2021-04-27 111455

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Wow, I like doing obby creatior stuff, but pass…

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ill join
also i used to be a huge fan of SCP so i know this song

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i could join since im burnt out of new btbmf gameplay
but this is interesting, mind if we could discuss further?

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so im willing to build a map that also has synced doors (with the song above) and if u want to see the collab chat then u may understand because I’m very limited in explaining