Looking for maps for TQ:FE (Useless from now on)

I don’t know if this topic conflicts with the forum rules but I have no choice…

So… “We” are looking for maps to be added to TQ:FE (The Quest: Flood Escape), since the game is completely dying (It reached 100K visits what).

Here are some things you should follow:

  1. Your map has to be converted with TQ:FE’s map kit:
  2. It’s better when you MESSAGE me for the map model, it might be total disaster if you sent your map model in the reply section.
  3. We don’t need too many extreme maps, so it could either be easy, normal, hard, or insane.
  4. DO NOT SEND ANY MAPS that are:
  • Buffs
  • Nerfs
  • Reskins
  1. Your map should not have free models. If your map has free models, your map will have a high chance of not getting accepted.

Yeah, maybe this might be advertising or something…
Hopefully I won’t get flagged for this…

I had a map that I made for TQ:FE but it prob got rejected lol.
I’m working on another map but I’m demotivated so uh

I do want Maple Valley in TQ:FE, but I don’t think that Michel will accept it due to needs more details


Whoops :joy:

why are you making fun of my grammar?

No drama please thanks

I’m not causing a drama.

If you said something like “why are you making fun of me” or something, it’ll probably lead to total drama

That was a normal question. I meant to say Micheal not Michel. I just forgot the letter “a”

Off topic, whoops
Time to go back to the original topic

I would lose my regular if I cause a drama but I not a drama making person.

I’m sorry it was just a joke

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would michael accept my map ( Desert Cliff )

Probably not, because the map is too big, empty and blocky. Better be improved.

i already revamp it, test it if u want

I think this topic won’t actually gonna help TQ:FE to be a better game

There are other works besides adding maps, such as ranks and admin panels

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New thing:
We are now looking forward to easy maps, so I recommend submitting easy maps.

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i could recomend disoriented but its not updated ;w;
yes its an easy

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