Looking For Skilled Map Creators

Send Me a Friend Request If You Would Like To Help! Also I Have Been Using Studio For a While Now and I Have No Idea What To Make Anymore… so Why Not Gather a Team To Make a FE2 Map? So Join My Team and Help Me Please, Message Me By Responding to This Topic. And If You Want To Join, Say It Below And Put Your Username Under it, kthxbye have a good time

hi you don’t need to friend me were already friends send a tc :smiley:

k, but i need to get map ready

The map will be called Circle Square

k oof
(It took me 3 hours but FINALLY I got jade and crystal key

Nice job (limit)

Thanks (why limit)

no problem

Ok. Want to start building?

i have to get the team ready (but there is no team D:)

Oh D: maybe add people to the team as we are building?

you are the only person in the “Team”

And you (limit)

and that sounds like a good idea

1/5 people are in the team rn

Ok. i’l be there in a few minutes

wait, i need to get the map kit ungrouped and start the map by a bit : P

ok. how long do you think that’ll take?

hmm probably around 8 minutes

The map will be called Square Dimension