Lost desert invisible part

After 6th button you can fall because an invisible part on 1 stud platform. Its not possible to save after you will block on it. Invisible part is connected with decoration on final room. Its annoying, fix it.

omg i’ve died there at least 10 times to that thing lmao

wait what
can I see a video

i try catch it on a video later.

if you repeatedly jump on a plank while moving forward you’ll get pushed off to the right

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:sparkles: unions :sparkles:


old lost desert doesnt have this issue as far as to my knowledge
its not like the union hitbox moved suddenly 10 local-Y studs for some reason
the parts of the union were made by cornerwedges, therefore its very rare for a weird bug like this

the only reason it might have been there is due to concerns for a major shortcut
wait i dont think there is one on those weird 45° rods LMAO

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