Low Tunnel REVAMP - Post inspired by Kroha!

(uploading updates here)



smol cactuses

this revamp better be good

I’m getting better at editing

the red arrow messed it up aaa

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(e I did this work>

Try decorating the first room (Spawn Room) with some stuff ok.

Like what? Examples please.

Like some rocks sticking out on the walls (btw, put can collide false or people will find a shortcut) Some props, like boxes, tools, pipes, etc, idk.

Well, it is a shipping supplies factory so

tabby, what do you use to make the image, it looks so epic

I used Pixlr on Mobile.

What happened to this post and revamp?

Lol sorry for reviving

It kind of never went anywhere. Everyone split apart and it was never finished… As of now, at least

Well, I’ve been working on it recently. It’s going good so far.

RIP this map… it was on 23% done and it was never finished.

It was never finished because lots of people joined in, including EHNSZ0.

I heard from Tab that he removed EHN due to other reasons.

ehnsz0 is now honey_wasps