Magical Tower

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Description of Map
hi! i made a second map!

a lonely, isolated tower stands. it is said that the tower belongs to a wizard that once lived in that tower 600 years ago. a powerful magical spell was casted and surrounds the tower, keeping it safe from harm and natural disasters.

you, a wanderer, sees a tall white magical structure over the wall. it calls for you, telling you
free me from this world…
send me to my guardian…”

and so… a sad journey begins.

Difficulty: Normal

Buttons: 6

TEMPID: 3211465847 (Thanks to @SzymonBLOX)
ID: 4298099718 (not whitelisted yet)

Length: 1:30

the place.

a path to the gate, but its closed… two buttons must be activated.

within, a small house can be seen, might be a button in there to open up that blocked off area…?

gotta push that button to get the platform to appear, it seems.

looks like the button to disable that magic barrier up there.

one simple push opens to the door to the tower!

it’s - it’s the tower! the bridge is in quite a rough shape.

all that’s left is to destroy the magical orb. (the interior is kinda rushed ;p)



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what a fun map to make! it took less than a week to build all this.
4 - 5 hours total.
last map build of the year [2019]. :slightly_smiling_face:

Holy crap this looks amazing


I love the terrain and the tree design of this map.

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It looks so good!! Everything looks so realistic and organized! Great work!!

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omg this insanely amazing

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holy godly this map is amazing

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Awesome terrain!

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i have no words.
one vote for you.

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Castle Tides revamp
Very good map
But srslly


this looks cool, but make the terrain les sblocky
ambince is heaven :slight_smile:


The grass colour suits you VERY well


Looks pretty good, though the final bridge could use a little work.

but a votus for u


thanks for the awesomee feedback guys!!

ill improve some parts of the map, and more importantly, gameplay.

i dont have much time to finish it up atm, but ill update the post when i complete the map.

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Its a great map :slight_smile:
All im saying is give the tree leaves a texture. If its a mesh and you cant thats fine, its only a little bit in the map anyways

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maybe change the name to
Mythical Castle?

ight the tree leaves shouldve been grass material or something related to leaf, water and waterfall material are different??
there should be variant type of trees, for example, pine trees. it’s the easiest to build and start with.
the terrain need a little bit of decoration, other than that it’s fine.

you don’t need to change as my criticism, though.


not tower, bad name but the rest ok

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completed the map! scroll up to see new pics.

  • improved gameplay
  • finished the tower’s interior
  • couple of buttons added

wellp, gotta wait for it to be testable and ill prob script some coolio effects.

i rlly wasnt expecting 18 votes! tysm!!!

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there is no way you built all these meshes in 5 hours whaaat

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