Magma Ascent 🔥 Update 1

Status: Whitelisted, making updates… 3520733657

Description of Map
This is a map i made because of a map making challenge where you use the old bgm of a map and try to make a map based of it.

Pictures / Videos of Map-

No videos yet.

This map was made to look like march 2017 style so thats why it looks like this.

very red

Although I also abuse red but the fog is a little too strong

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its red because of the ambient and i’ll change fog a bit.
i also put the boxes so that there woudnt be that much red

update 1.
Changed the fog a bit.

Looks uh

weird, ik

might just end up removing this

what is the ID?

Forgot to put it, 3520733657
However, i will remove this soon but you can still play it after its removal if you contact me on my discord or my forums acc

Looks ok, here is my vote.

if you want to test the real map private msg me or dm me in disc

Wait a minute, are you GuilleLopezD? I’M YOUR FRIEND! I’m Jullakorn_Liam

yes i am

i would like to test it