🔥 Magmafield (Update soon)

Details Information
Map Name - Magmafield
Map Difficulty - Crazy
Map By - Starfruit_PvZ
Status - Whitelisted, Gathering Support
Map ID - 2211074979
Current Soundtrack - Waterflame - Jumper 2
Part Count - 2401 Parts
Water Types - Acid, Lava


  • After the adventurous trip at Riverscape, your group has decided to continue your journey at Magmafield. You found out that your group have gone lost. The magma has begone crazy as it boils and your group needs to find an exit.

Fun Facts:

  • Magmafield is the continuation of Riverscape, and ends at Waterfield after.
  • Magmafield is before called “Dusty Canyon”, with a soundtrack called “Waterflame - Westnote”!
  • “Magmafield” is one word :white_check_mark:, meaning typing “Magma Field” is wrong :x:.

:speaking_head: SHOUTOUTS :speaking_head:

  • A HUGE SHOUTOUT TO GIVEMENAMEPLS FOR HIS WHOLE SUPPORT IN THE WATERFIELD MAP! (Imagine, 3 videos about this map? That’s absolutely CRAZY! And he is going to make another 6 Videos regarding Magmafield… OOF jk :joy::joy::joy:)
  • Shoutout to federoblox244 and Szymon BLOX for trying hard and continues support on this map! You guys did a great job as well…
  • Also shoutout to Szymon BLOX (again) and KrisYT for having a video first for the teamwork version of Magmafield. You guys really paid off your work…

:rotating_light: UPDATE! (08/04/2019) :rotating_light:

  • First room has been refreshed a bit. Hopefully it is less confusing now.
  • Crampness has been improved a bit. Let me know down below if it is still.
  • The thing you are scared of; the magma is buffed once again! But hey, good news! Some parts have been nerfed.
  • Much more bug fixes.

:spiral_notepad: PREVIOUS UPDATE! :spiral_notepad: (07/27/2019)

  • GROUP BUTTONS!! Yes you heard that right… Now test your teamwork in this new update.
  • An addition of 3 Group Buttons while 2 Single Buttons, making it 5 Buttons.
  • More bug and shortcut fixes

:camera: Pictures: :camera: (06/28/2019)

Compilation: (7 Pictures)

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In-Game Thumbnail [ShadowMap] ----- :rotating_light: SOON!

:movie_camera: Videos: :movie_camera:

  • Magmafield (Solo-Exclusive Videos)

:pushpin: LATEST :pushpin:

[ :nine:th ] 24/7 practice by Szymon BLOX

(08/12/2019) NEW/BUFFED VERSION:

[ 12th ] Lasagna by Twisted ElementsYT (08/13/2019)

[ 13th ] Flamewater by TimmieTRM (08/17/2019)

:flashlight: Highlight: :flashlight:

[ :1st_place_medal: ] Uploaded by Rotobaga_PvZ (06/17/2019)

[ :2nd_place_medal: ] Jammed by federoblox244 (06/19/2019)

[ :3rd_place_medal: ] Bugs found by Pomdigna123 (06/19/2019)

----- :clock230: Timestamp :clock230: = 02:03 -----

[ :four:th ] Completed by CrystalTokyoRBLX (06/20/2019)

[ :five:th ] Nacho Cheeze by Gentleberry16 Gerek (06/28/2019)

----- :clock430: : Timestamp :clock430: = 04:25 -----

[ :six:th ] Reviewed by RobloxZoey9 (07/01/2019)

[ :seven:th ] Fun run by iJeffSpy (07/04/2019)

[ :eight:th ] Jumped out by Haibara 1 (07/07/2019)

[ :nine:th ] 24/7 practice by Szymon BLOX

(07/17/2019) OLD VERSION:
(08/12/2019) NEW/BUFFED VERSION:

[ :keycap_ten:th ] Crossed-Mode by KrisYT (08/03/2019)

[ 11th ] Compilated Crazies by XxAnna_DevxX (08/03/2019) :fire: LATEST :fire:

----- :clock1030: Timestamp :clock1030: = 20:32 -----

  • Magmafield (Teamwork Videos)

:pushpin: LATEST :pushpin:

[ :1st_place_medal: ] --> (08/13/2019)

A real teamwork by:
  • KrisYT
  • Szymon BLOX

:flashlight: Highlight: :flashlight:

[ :clapper: TUTORIAL :clapper: ] Demonstrated by Szymon BLOX (08/14/2019)

  • Other Videos (4 Corners)

Cornered by BrayanRaposa (08/01/2019)

Guessed by BlueBug (08/21/2019)

Tricky Moves by TwiistedPandora (09/06/2019)

----- :clock6: : Timestamp :clock6: = 05:52 -----

Low-Detailed by MaxGamerPlays (09/09/2019)

Survived by Toothful Mouth (09/10/2019)


Poll #1: How would you describe Magmafield?

  • Outstanding
  • Needs Improvement (Comment down the reason!)

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Poll #2: How would you describe Magmafield’s difficulty?

  • Insane
  • Crazy

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Poll #3: Would you love to buff/nerf Magmafield?

  • Yes, buff it! :arrow_up:
  • Yes, nerf it! :arrow_down:
  • No, it’s already [Crazy] so don’t change it. :no_entry:
  • No, it’s [Insane] so change it to [Insane] category.

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  • Do you got a video completing Magmafield? If so, reply it with the link so I could add it to my forum. It must be uploaded via YouTube.


Feeling Nostalgic? You might wanna see the blandness of the past of Magmafield by watching the mini gameplay of it. (I regret posting this :joy:)

That’s all… Thank you and have fun trussing Magmafield! :joy::+1:

crazy difficulty

im dying


Bruh suffer this time lol


why u bully me :[


I think you’re not the only one suffering in this map yet… :thonk: lol

Also good thing I only put this map in the Map Creations sections due to Crazy difficulty not being implemented on time…


The grass could be dried brown grass. As it is having lava get it.


no i wont make 6 vids on this, i will make one tho


@Astro, yes the lava is frequently rising there, so brown grass indicates it… :slight_smile:

@givemenamepls Alright! So excited to see you finish the map! Might become the first highlight of this post though :wink:


Seems quite easy so far ngl
I shouldn’t have said that xD pls don’t buff until I rec


NO! SUFFER!! jkjkjk I love how difficult it is rn… So there will be no buffs happening :wink:

But I feel like returning this… Hmm… LOL


no pls don’t bring that back


Change the m00sic please, cause it doesn’t fit the map imo
For example, Moratl Kombat Armageddon - Konquest - Edenia will fit better than Jumper 2, since it is more lava-ish XD


the link to this m00sic i recommended


Oh wait, I already did, just got a SUPER NERF of it :smile:

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I like it, but I wanted to keep the map as exciting as possible. Jumper 2 actually syncs with the lava rise so well, but thanks for recommending that to me… :smiley:


i’m actually the creator of thanos escape


But you’re not Thanos already… :Thonk:

Wait, you DISGUISED D:




btw wanna collab on a map with me??


Okay I’ll clarify it here since I am getting A LOT of PMs regarding that:

  • I don’t usually do collab maps due to the thing that being a dependent builder would affect someone’s popularity. Another thing is I don’t wanna happen something to each others’ models like importing/copying it to your game or something even you didn’t/I created it, and I am avoiding a drama regarding that… So for everyone who wishes to have a collab map with me, I’m sorry but I won’t do collab maps with others. I still appreciate your invites and won’t forget who wishes to do a collab with me… Thanks for reading & understanding…