🔥 Magmafield (Update soon)

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Guessed by BlueBug (08/21/2019)

Tricky Moves by TwiistedPandora (09/06/2019)

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Low-Detailed by MaxGamerPlays (09/09/2019)

Survived by Toothful Mouth (09/10/2019)

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what’s the bgm to f00r c0rn3rs

oHh noO wHyY dOO DoO yOOu want tO KnOW??!?
No really, pls don’t know it lol

i have done it

took me only 4 or 5 attempts

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might recors 4 corners.
how is ur new map going
starfruit i see u liking my posts



  • Well I figured it out why Magmafield has been not that kind of people’s choice. It is because of the gameplay mostly. We will try to fix it.
  • Details are very much. We will be also trying to simplify that as well.
  • A bit easier and slower gameplay so that it would fit the difficulty.

I do apologize guys for being lazy onto this project. I honestly did this map very horrible, ngl. But will do my best to keep your gameplay fun… Thanks for understanding.

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thank you so i can finally record lol

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how is it horrible when it is brilliant compared to cb2

I’m like 99% sure it’s the instrumental version of Justin Bieber’s ‘What do you mean’…

but idrk

it is exactly lol

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:spiral_notepad: Update:

So it seems like I forgot the update regarding Magmafield… It might take until next week. Thanks for understanding!


Don’t try rushing the updates tho

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I love the details to this map.

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im close to beating this

the main thing im beginning to love about this map is how this map doesnt focus on being ridiculously fast for a rigged tower (e.g. tech destruction). its hard but fun by just going around in places while still trying to get away from the lava as far as possible. im beginning to love those type of maps like this

however one thing i would do is: nerf the lava duration but make the parkour harder


i always die on the last jump

and i lie to lag

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:world_map: GLOBAL MAP UPDATE (11/24/2019) :world_map:

So basically you have heard of the new map test update.

  • The map has been all compiled into 1 model, in which uses this ID (2211073115)
  • Don’t wory about the ID. The Magmafield (TW) Version is in it, meaning you can still play it whenever you load it!
  • Map ID’s from the previous one are still available, but I recommend using this ID instead for you to try out more of my maps…

The Map ID includes the following:
  • Riverscape [Easy]
  • Waterfield [Normal]
  • :white_check_mark: Magmafield [Crazy]
  • :white_check_mark: Magmafield (TW) [Crazy]
  • Swamp Marsh [Crazy]
  • 4 Corners [Crazy]


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Pls update this, it’s really fun (sorry for revive)

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i remember this taking me like a week to beat and i beaten it before going to school :joy:

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