🔥 Magmafield (Update soon)

so hard backwards, attempt 1

your never doing it unless you want to die on the last part a million times lol


ur coming with me

I think you should get a decent attempt b4 uploading to yt

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lol you expecting to be quite easy

try it and if you get far you will die at last part lol

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  • Other Videos (4 Corners)

Guessed by BlueBug (08/21/2019)

Tricky Moves by TwiistedPandora (09/06/2019)

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Low-Detailed by MaxGamerPlays (09/09/2019)

Survived by Toothful Mouth (09/10/2019)

what’s the bgm to f00r c0rn3rs

oHh noO wHyY dOO DoO yOOu want tO KnOW??!?
No really, pls don’t know it lol

i have done it

took me only 4 or 5 attempts

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might recors 4 corners.
how is ur new map going
starfruit i see u liking my posts



  • Well I figured it out why Magmafield has been not that kind of people’s choice. It is because of the gameplay mostly. We will try to fix it.
  • Details are very much. We will be also trying to simplify that as well.
  • A bit easier and slower gameplay so that it would fit the difficulty.

I do apologize guys for being lazy onto this project. I honestly did this map very horrible, ngl. But will do my best to keep your gameplay fun… Thanks for understanding.

thank you so i can finally record lol

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how is it horrible when it is brilliant compared to cb2

I’m like 99% sure it’s the instrumental version of Justin Bieber’s ‘What do you mean’…

but idrk

it is exactly lol

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:spiral_notepad: Update:

So it seems like I forgot the update regarding Magmafield… It might take until next week. Thanks for understanding!


Don’t try rushing the updates tho

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I love the details to this map.

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