Magnetic Field (Aura)

Hello poggers people, I have made a second aura. It’s actually kinda nice in my opinion, it’s not that over complex but it’s pretty alright. Definetly a bit better than the Pulsar because that one was kinda hard to replicate. Magnetars have magnetic fields (well every thing has a magnetic field, hence why this isn’t called the Magnetar Aura but you get the jist). This was more based off of a Magnetar rather than a magnetic field in general. Anyways, enough blabbering, lets a go

Price- Around 650 Gems or so.


Things to keep in mind:

  1. This is once again going more for accuracy. As in how accurate it looks to the original.
  2. Reason there’s not any other colors is because of the reference image. I’m not sure how good this would look with other colors but if a lot of people ask me to make more colors, I’ll gladly do so.
  3. This is mainly inspired by ToRES & Space in general
  4. I didn’t add more layers because I thought it would be too big and because if I made smaller layers, they would be a bit too small for my liking.
Reference Images


reminds me of ethan76167’s jtoh tower


lol I also took reference from that as well

Slight update:

Gave the beams a NumberSequence for Transparency at the start because the Beams kinda block your vision lol

Also made the line things coming out of you more, well, better I guess. They fully go around the player now instead of staying near one quarter.

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Bump I guess, even though this is already at the top. I want this to get a bit more attention, cause I’m more confident about this aura than anything else.

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