Make editing topic's exist

When you press create topic. there might be some accidents you did. Maybe even accidentaly pressed the button. And when its done. you have to REWRITE the whole thing. happened to me twice. Just cause i didnt put status i cant even edit it to fix that. please make that exist cause it’s incredibly hard to rewrite all of the things i wrote there… NVM cataclysmic cave got approved i take back all i said here
make it exist

what button

why is this in flood escape 2 general

what status

make what exist


when you press the button submit topic. You can’t edit it later. Meaning if it isn’t accepted. You have to rewrite everything you wrote then.

you can, you just need to be regular im pretty sure

How can you be that

i dont remember correctlly, but i guess you just need to post stuff and be on the forums. its called a trust level.

Ok then

nah you cant

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he’s talking about map creations
when you submit it, the mods need to approve it
in that time you can’t edit the topic

oh, yeah thats true