Making a map anyone wanna help

I’m making a map that’s called “The Fall of Beats”. The ost is press start its scynced and we need 2 more people to join at least so we are going to make it at least 1:56 seconds long the fe2 map making community just lets 2:20 seconds long so the song is 3:30 long so cya later.

The fall of beats

I’m not gonna make a digitalization copy with you, sorry.
its synced but ok

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its not its nowhere near digital

It has the same bland old texture. I don’t really like those maps, they are a bit lazy.

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i am trying my best to make it scynced i have stayed up all night listining to press start to get it scynced :frowning:

my third map i’m new to making maps :frowning: i’m a little kid just trying to get help.

Why do you keep hosting collaborations?

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im new to making maps i need help :frowning:

if you want the wip code of the map this is it “The fall of beats”:3578883298

I can help

OK I can help I guess

okay thx

because you can help

Like mythical I don’t really like the maps with the same old texture, sorry.

it can be likeable if only well-executed, but the thing is it happens rarely when it’s executed amazingly. example: digitalization and regain control. regain control has the texture executed nicely the most, while digitalization is just the original after the original (secret room in fe2)

This is what I meant.

Im Interested

Don’t you (companions) have a map that has been whitelisted? (My model)=_=