Making epic cool waterpark game

not sending link here cuz advert = bad, message me for link

epic waterpark game message for link yes


no messages yet… :thinking:

Lol, I call it a W.I.P (If it’s the were you are referring) btw

I joined you with my Brazilian friends, and what I saw:

  • So many bugs
  • Online dating (Yeah, I know it’s by players)
  • Bad building (Like, you can’t get out unless if you reset)
  • No sense
  • We laughed so hard
  • Other’s things

lets get things straight
alanwalkerandfoxes is my friend, she wasnt oding, we were on call and were pranking everyone lmao
working on the way to get out, dont worry
no sense? wdym
what other thing

also what bugs lol

I know Online Datint it’s by players so let’s just forgive it.

No sense:

Like, I was walking into the park, and, I saw some buildings with normal water and others with Flood Escape water and other’s without water lol

If you jump (like in all tubes) you got a FASTEr SPEEd iwyebdjb, and got stuck there lol

Also, not trying to offend the park, I know it’s a W.I.P, I hope it will get better in future. :smile: :+1:

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ah, the fact is that some is fe water and some roblox is tha twith terrain water u can swim, but u cant animate terrain water using tweens so for the wave pool i had to stick with fe water
the loop de loop slide works better if you stand up, im trying to fix it but its mainly just roblox

Oh okay.

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also i made a big update if u wanna join me on the game?

I can’t right now btw :/

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