Malevolent Crossing [Remake]

:bar_chart: Status: Getting Feedback, Finished

:newspaper: Description of Map

Uhh, hello, and welcome to another remake I made without permission like always (ok I should probably get permission anyway, before I remake more stuff)
So uhh malevolent crossing, remember that? Yeah the map is gone. But decided to remake it. Requested by: @Brendoss
Trust me, this was not easy to remake. The last area may seem unaccurate.

Map Info
Map Creator(s): Awesome3_Eric [Remake by: Inocular & BrendossGamerZ]
Map ID: 4912094710 [All my map remakes]
Difficulty: Hard
:loud_sound: BGM: Couldn’t find the original source so uhh idk
Extra Map Info
:bar_chart: Map Status: Playable
:brick: Part Count: Too lazy to check lol
Map Version: V.1
LDM Mode: :x:

:camera: Pictures of the map:

:video_camera: Videos of the map:

Yeah like you expected. none

Also I worked some time on this remake, and I gotta say this wasn’t easy to remake. The last area is just too hard for me. But thanks for playing the remake.

This is epic

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ok this looks super epic and accurate

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I remember that map, but why its gone?

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super epic, i remember my malevolent crossing remake but it was super inaccurate lmao


if you get 30 votes, change the name to animal crossing
looks cool

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looks oddly similar to the original

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Got replaced with another map so me and some guy decided to remake it.

So uhh. This map somehow broke in Water Chaos Map Testing. (Button issue)

the nostalga


good map but consider un colliding the lines on the wall since people can short cut also the 1st rooms lava rises rlly fast

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it’s a remake, it’s supposed to be like that

original vvv

Oh hello there again

how did i not know this map existed


Here’s the only video I found on the OST