Map broken, multiple problems


  1. Part disappearing for no reason
  2. Water’s CanCollide property is set to true for no reason
  3. “_Button1 is not a valid member of Model” even though I spelt it right
    please help i can’t take it anymore of map test breaking my map

Maybe this will help, but idk if it will work.

the problems phoenix had are WAY different than the problems listed

oh also, had to get that out, the part is a Union

in where is that exactly? studio or roblox?

if it’s studio, rejoin and if it’s in roblox rejoin too. or maybe it’s your internet connection.

it’s in roblox, also it is the same whenever i rejoin ._.

nobody helps ;-;

can someone help or not…

It might be some bug, native you have to recreate the unions


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separate the union and then re-union it?

it keeps disappearing for no reason :/

you should try this; this most of the time is a bug ^^

It’s not the problem of transparency, it is Roblox studio failed to load unions

if you un-union the union and it dissapears, (no parts) or if you try to negate the union and it pops and error, well its a studio bug where it doesnt render the union. happened to me a few times and it delayed overgrown debris revamp :(. You kind of have to recreate the unions

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when i separated it, it dissapeared :confused:

when i update the model the union disappears, can i prevent it?

Read what Dminecraft said

What are those stuff,wow
Just play da game this is just headache

If you don’t build maps (or know roblox studio) that is obviously foreign, not for us

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