Map Collab \\ 1 Slot Left!

Hey guys, I was thinking of Starting a new collab! It could be a Halloween themed map, only 10 spots, DM Me on Discord (Kriscross102#5789) or message here to get in the collab

  1. DMinecraft9993
  2. RadioDash2019
  3. PatatesKafa59
  4. JiroTheWolfie
  5. Federoblox244
  6. ferchuuakdxd
  7. DeltaAimee
  8. vbuck12345678
  9. tin1234343
  10. Tabsz
  11. iiOwenBloxx

Scripter + Hoster = Kriscross102
Builder = PatatesKafa59
Builder = DMinecraft9993
Builder = RadioDash2019
Builder = JiroTheWolfie
Builder = Federoblox244
Builder = ferchuuakdxd
Builder = tin1234343
Builder = vbuck12345678
Builder = iiOwenBloxx

That’s a lotta slots
Ima join
Username: DMinecraft9993
Discord: DMinecraft999 #1027

Ok, I’ll add,

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ofc i am going to join because i am crazy

User name or Discord?

you kinfs know my uhh user lmao
discord: RadioDashGames#8154


Also @DMinecraft999 @RadioDashGames what would u guys like to do? Build, or anything else?

Idk tbh


i will build lol

I’ll join, I sent a req on Discord

My user is Jiro The Otter#8244 if it doesn’t go through

@Kriscross102RBLX I’ll join!

I’ll join

and I will build

name PatatesKafa59 Please add?/Build
Discord : GG - Mert#4824

what difficulty? also im in

Hmm I don’t know, maybe a hard, also I’m adding all of you guys

@Fezachi @Coffee

I need both your usernames pls

sorry, ferchuuakdxd

no thx im going to make my own halloween map