Map Creation Tips

Hello everyone!!
Today I am here to give you all some tips for FE2 map making!

Map Building:

  • Always keep away from the toolbox unless inserting models made by you or my Map Assets.
  • Make an Empty Baseplate and test out new building techniques.
  • Try not to use the Move increment ‘0’
  • Try and keep your Increments at ‘45’ for rotate and ‘1’ for move.
  • Use a variety of different Part types. Try to use more wedges for slopes and SciFi walls.
  • Listen to music that you like whilst building to keep you motivated.
  • Use a variety of Different button functions in parts. (e.g. Use ‘_Fall’ on 5-10 parts to make a crumbling wall)
  • Feel free to be inspired by maps you see on the forums!

Topic Creating

  • Try to follow a set layout like the one I used for Alien Containment.

  • Use Hyperlinks. These give your topic a Clean and Polished feel.
    (These are hyperlinks by the way)

  • Do the ‘New User Tutorial’. This teaches you some of the basic things about forum editing. To find how to start it, Click here.

  • Remember to put the music link and ID in your topic. People often like knowing the soundtrack of your map.

  • Try to make your topic Stand Out by using Bold, Italic and Bold Italic words.

  • Remember to put the map link in your topic.

  • Remember to follow the Map Submission Guidelines.

Map Assets:

Here are some Map Assets I have made for everyone to use!
Feel free to use them in Games, Maps or any other Roblox Studio creation!

Here they are!

Texture IDs
Alarm Light
Animated Walljump

Thank you to everyone who has read this! I hope these tips help you and if they did, feel free to let me know below!

  • Yeah they helped so much! Thanks Halo-Chan!!
  • I knew some but still really helpful!
  • Good!! Nice and handy!
  • I kinda already knew these but I hope this helps others!
  • I just don’t wanna vote.

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If you have anything for me to add to this topic, please leave them in the comments or DM me!

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Halo-Chan, thank you for your help

By the way make sure to check the Scripting message

Thanks for even making mesh parts, it really helps out.

pLoT tWiSt (actually true):
i believe the meshparts are from rareheaddress?? correct me if im wrong but uh.



probably just a coincidence since i have never seen them before

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Will my map become official

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Will my fe2 map become official

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