Map Creator Contests [Idea]

have y’all wondered how would a map creator contest would be for FE2? just a friendly community hosted event where y’all can submit maps within a given deadline and follow a certain theme.

ideally, i thought this would be hard to organize and of course, it needs a little prize so that y’all would be interested.

simply, you make maps that is up to atleast 1 min, max abt 5k parts, difficulty of your choice and follow the theme.

collabs would be considered as 1 map but they can’t submit their own solo made ones if were involved in a submitted collab.

there will be a certain no. of winners, the maps made for the contest should not be published for the public, unless they did not win. the winners’ maps would be put in a model and people can play it.

the judges would be the mod team and for gameplay like them with playtesters they picked manually for harder submissions.

when it comes to how frequent? the best way is to do it seasonally because weeks would be fairly too short. like one contest for spring, summer, fall, winter each.

i can’t host this for sure because of my upcoming exams and such but i just thought this idea would be cool. the best way is to ask a mod to host this and create a badge for the winners.


bruh hold on i needa update this post slightly

some people tried to do that too,

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there’s another post too

2 weeks is short

what i’d done is let it happen seasonally like every

2 months or smth


its rare to see active map makers nowadays on forum they pretty much left the forum tbh

which is why the first few competitions should have no limit to the winners

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i can try and host this


sure, lol

i can only help to organize and be a playtester if you need to

i just made this post as a suggestion to make the game not all about challenges and stuff yeah

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I would like to host a Map Creator Contest.

ImmyShack’s Map Creator forum tournament or something like that.

what’s your prize then

Hmm, I’ve got an idea of adding the champion map submission to FEW, but due to FEW being Unplayable, I have no idea.

1 month is enough I think
I succ at factory themes lol but I can try

i’m awful at making maps

on top of that i lost motivation into making them

i decline