Map Development: Map Details + Upcoming Map

Map Development News
Hello there, Map Makers and Map Developers! It’s back again with the Map Development News, and I am so excited to announce about Map Details. Before we get to start explaining about the Upcoming Map, let’s talk about an update to my maps that I have created back in 2019 and 2020, when I was new by making a map.

About Map Details
Some of the New Members or Regular Members at Crazyblox Games Forum might remember the fun of the gameplay, as they can create their maps too. Having inspiration, details and gameplay will have a great concept for their map, including yours. As you might remember about my maps I have created which is Forest Field, Metal Industry and Snowy Mountains, I have decided just to try my best on updating them in the future.

I will be able to continue by updating my own maps, giving nice details and more content on the map. I’ll be also patching the shortcuts; but if the shortcuts are needed, I can require by keeping other shortcuts just for fun!

Forest Field will have the same looks on the design, but will also have changes such as pine trees, arrow signs and other contents that will be included.

For Metal Industry, the map will be able to have a new look inside at the areas on the gameplay, where there will be arrow signs leading you to where you’re going. The part of the beginning won’t get you confused anymore, but will soon be updated in the future. The areas will be patched with shortcuts, which will be missed on the next update.

And lastly, Snowy Mountains. They will include arrow signs and smooth background on the mountains. More contents will arrive soon on the map!

System Laboratory is now released!
For those who remembered System Laboratory, it is now released and playable on the forum! Be aware that the danger from the floods may be dangerous. It is very challenging, indeed.

Map Collaborations Update
With the collaborations of the team that people used to get motivations, I will be able to try my best by continuing and collaborating everyone’s map in the future. :+1:

Upcoming Map
Now let’s start with my upcoming map. I would like to share with everyone about my own upcoming map in 2020, Autumn Bridge. :fallen_leaf:

Old Sneak Peek shown, Unfinished

Sneak Peek shown in Autumn Bridge

Autumn Bridge is an upcoming forest themed map, with the inspiration of my main first map named Forest Field. Forest Field will now have a connection to the sequel, with nice looks on the gameplay, and a wonderful design for the details. The difficulty will be Normal, which is the same as Forest Field.

When is the Release Date coming in?
Autumn Bridge will be released in April 2nd. There will be more updates coming in the map, so stay tuned for the next post of the Map Development News!

Thank you so much for reading the Map Development News! Stay tuned for more updates that will be released in the next post.


I recommend you get inspiration from Arsenal’s Bridge map for Autumn Bridge, as of right now it’s kinda empty. But still, it’s pretty nice.


Thanks for your tip! However, I might try getting other inspiration from the bridge too. :sweat_smile:
The screenshot that is shown on the sneak peek will be also updated to the post soon.

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very nice however the main huge walls feel like there was little effort in making them
try to come up with a nice design, id suggest a few vines falling and maybe trees on top of them
but the main areas look decent! the bridge feels empty but it doesnt affect the view much
cant wait for the final result :pray:


looks very empty, i suggest adding more details to it

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Your sneak peak looks very nice. :+1:

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@Phexonia You changed the sneak peek picture?

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Yes indeed. I decided to give it a new look on the sneak peek!

I do not see anything different in this picture. :confused:

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What is different? I’m confused.

Reminds me of vis’s map

show me how do you build so goddamn good

I’ll be fixing it right away. :+1:

Oh, I see now! Both of those pictures together look like a “before and after” so I am able to see the difference between the two now!

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:slight_smile: my map