Map Development: Updates & Undisclosed Industry

Hello everyone! :wave:
I like to announce about the map updates, which is really important.

You might be wondering about the map I have currently made for, which leads to Snowy Mountains, and as I’d like to say that Snowy Mountains has been finally finished! :hammer_and_wrench:

Have a look at the sneak peek.

Snowy Mountains will be whitelisted when the map goes available. It might be really exciting about the gameplay, so stay tuned! :snowflake:

I’d also like to mention about my upcoming map that is inspired by Decrepit Seas and Cave System from FE2, since the progress has been finished, I’ll give you another sneak peek. :+1:

Just as I like to notice that this is a sequel to Decrepit Seas, which is really inspiring to make a sequel for FE2 maps. It will be also available when it’s out. :+1:

Now onto the Map Development, I like to share with everyone about the sequel of Abandoned Facility, a map that is, and will be inspired from FE2 by Crazyblox. It’s going to be a little sneak peek, so here’s what would look like!

Speaking of Abandoned Facility, the title will be called Undisclosed Industry (suggested by Ferch33 from Flood Escape server, or @fernando33) and the difficulty will be Insane, the same as Abandoned Facility. It’s going to be a really fun challenging to finish the progress for the sequel to Abandoned Facility.

You might be asking about your questions:

  • Does this mean that there will be other sequels inspired by FE2? (Axiom, Infiltration, etc)

Yes, there will be more sequels about the inspiration from FE2 maps, but we’ll see the future in the next map development. :thinking:

  • How’s the progress for Undisclosed Industry?

The map is going great so far! I might be able to finish the area for the rooms to add details, assets, and think about designs. :smile:

That’s all I like to mention. What do you think of the other maps? I’d like to hear about your feedback! :+1:

See you in the next development! :wave:


ngl, but you make very nice detailed maps. It way better then my maps.


Thank you! Glad to appreciate it. :+1:

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Your maps keep getting better and better. I love it.


Thank you very much, I’m really appreciated about your positive feedback! :smile:

How did you become a good FE2 builder? My maps are just trash!

Becoming a builder is always a fun thing to do, and that’s called Building Skills. :hammer_and_wrench:
Building Skills might be a greater option to learn more builds and focus on your map to add details, assets or think about the design.
To my building skills, I felt greater than ever to make maps and builds!

But remember that practice makes perfect for everyone. You can try to do your best and try focusing on your design to your map to learn more builds! I’m sure you will do your best about your building skills. :+1:

Speaking of which, the design of your map looks fine to my opinion.

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In Hell Facility, I tried to make the map really detailed. But most people said that map is bad.

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I am still pretty bad and I use Roblox Studio since late 2017 :joy:


Don’t worry, you can still improve your map to make sure that your map fits the gameplay, or to make sure you can add details to the gameplay of your map.
Although, I must say that your building skills aren’t that bad for your map, they look good to me!

A practice for your building skills makes perfect for you and for everyone else, so don’t worry about your map. You can do it! :+1:

I honestly like how much effort you put in every creation you make, nice work!
In the future I’d like to see you creating something that’s not related to FE2 original maps though, would be cool to see what are you capable to do with an unique theme! Good luck with Undisclosed Industry :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll try creating other maps in the future. It really means a lot to me with your positive comments! :smile: :+1:


what about our temple map?

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We might try finishing up on our collaboration, but don’t worry about it! I’ll be ready until I’m in the mood of it. :+1: