Map Development: Updates + Upcoming Map 🤖

Hey everyone! Back again with the Map Development News. :wave:

Today, I wanted to announce that Destruction Facility (previously known/named as Undisclosed Industry) has been finally released and is ready to be playable!

I’m really proud for the progress and I’m excited that Destruction Facility brings me inspiration and creativity to finish from the map that wanted me to make more unofficial sequel maps; even the other maps I make too! You can check Destruction Facility here.

Speaking of the other maps, I’m making an upcoming map that I would like to share with everyone, and I’ll be able to explain and to mention about the map! Please take a look at the Sneak Peek. :hammer_and_wrench:

I would like to call the upcoming map: System Laboratory. :robot:

System Laboratory is a laboratory-themed map. The difficulty will be Crazy, meaning that it will have harder platforms, and rising waters.

Here at this sneak peek, you can see the Main Section where 2 room leads left to right, and with decorations like pipes, neon walls, boxes, alarm lights, the core and the System Desk with buttons, including the screen.

It’s going to be released after when the map is whitelisted, and I hope to make sure it’ll be playable in the future! :+1:

You may be wondering with 2 questions:

Is it okay to practice the attempt of the map? :world_map:
Yes you can! Practicing your attempt takes time, and it might take attempts how much you need to complete the map. It might be challenging, but I wish you a good luck!

How long does it take time to finish System Laboratory? :hammer:
It takes anytime to finish the map, and it can take time to complete details, designs and assets. You can wait until the map has been finished, so don’t worry!

What do you think of the new upcoming map? I would appreciate your feedback! :+1:
That’s all for Map Development News. Tune in for the next update! :smile:



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Cant wait for system, looks good

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I feel like the alarm lights are a little big.

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I’ll fix that! :+1: