Map developments as of 27/03/20

Hi there again guys, its me the weirdo Irla or whatev.
If you have been watching me on Twitter (not saying you have to, but if you did) you might have seen me posting about this map called Dusk Snow remaster.

Here is one sneak peek of the revamp (NOTE: might be outdated if changed design around)

I am aiming for finishing the revamp before 3rd of January 2020, plus I kinda want the finished result in a Christmas map specila 2019 (depending lol). (which has already gone past)

Following on, here’s a list of maps that would be discontinued + reasons
(like for now, until i wanna revive ideas)

  • Pandora’s Cluster (Easy) - This map has made me mad and I don’t really like doing Part Terraining at all. Well, the 1st room looks really good imo, but something in it wants to make me redo it.

  • Crystalleria (Easy) - Ruined the map somehow and I didn’t even touch it for like 4 months!

  • Glaciated Canyon (Crazy) - The idea started to bore me.

  • Toxicity Revamp (Crazy) - I keep forgetting to revive this since I didnt touch it for 4 months, plus I was collaborating with Xolar on it but I felt bored.

  • Scorching Hallows (Crazy) - This was supposed to be a Halloween 2019 map, and I had cool ideas for it that never became reality. Plus it looked awfully bland.

So that is basically it.


I assume no one will care.

Well anyway just ignore this post it’s nothing important

Creative map names

Uh this should have in #map-developers category.

sorry lol

That is a great looking winter map for Christmas!
I like the details and the design of your sneak peek, and I just wondered what would a gameplay look like… :thinking:
Although, it might be fun to make a gameplay, just for everyone! :+1:

Reviving and revamping maps really sounds like a great idea for you and to everyone else, but I can’t wait to see your maps getting revamped!

I hope you are having a good luck finishing Dusk Snow! :snowflake:

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Thanks! Dusk Snow was also made on this time of the year but in 2018, and it had a bit ok design, but could have been much better and was stupidly long.
Dusk Snow revamp is gonna be much shorter but would have same gameplay plus new ambience!


That’s so amazing! I can’t wait to see the map being arrived as a revamp version, when it’s finished. :+1:

Basically that’s how the 2018-19 Dusk Snow looked like! (sorry if you might now be able to see anything in there)

Thanks for support, I’ll try to finish the revamp before the end of 2019! :wink:


I don’t wanna be rude but the 2018 version looks really messy and the terrrain is jagged

Oh and also this post was made to make fun of people who bold some parts of text for no reason :joy: funni right

This is a joke this is a joke plz don’t kill me

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this is one of the reasons i am revamping this

Tbh the new version doesn’t look messy or jagged but uh

It’s bland lolxd :joy:

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That is becos idk what to add for wall decos lol

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And I have just finished building this part

tbh its a wip lmao thats why its bland
eternal frost by you isnt the best thing ever too, its bland too but just like mat, it has good potential

Cube trees :joy:

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Actually I used wedges to build them plus I used GapFill so they might look a bit unusual.
so no complain


Just like enszo said,

“we feel like the fe2 community mainly just criticizes maps now and no longer appreciates any map.”

Tbh you didn’t even properly look at eternal frost before spamming “ADD ROCK!!1!” and after I told you there are literally rocks all around the map you just ignored it. Nice

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read the last bit please

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Nice ignorance

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