[Map] Dogsong 🐕 (trash map)


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A map that gets weirder each time you play it. Based on Undertale




Long ago, two races had a fight: SORCERERS and DARK MAGES. Tons of blood was spilled, dust was scattered. In result, SORCERERS won and sealed the remaining DARK MAGES under the mountain with a magic spell, and turned them to animals, so DARK MAGES couldn’t do anything bad for centuries.
Many years later…
You decided to go through the strange portal because of your curiousity… Will you survive?


- What is this place? (Spawn room)
- Uhh… I have a feeling of being watched…
- O_O … I have no words… Seems like there’s a flood here… poop flood… Why is the dog swimming in its own poop? :thinking:
- Wow! A dog village! Looks… weird… I never thought that dogs had a village!
- SOO CUUUTEEE!! :3 I want to pet it! OWO
- The sign says: “BARK! Growl ahead!”… What does that mean?
- Okay… First, there was a poop flood… Now there’s a pee flood! What the actual heck is with this world?!
- Looks like a cave… Also, why is there a dog coming out of the stone? That’s really really weird…
- What. The. Hell. is that?! Why is there a sudden crack?! This is now weirder than I thought it would be…
- Awww!! There are dogs waiting for me!! Can’t wait to play with them all! :3

  • This map’s BGM is Undertale - Dogsong
  • This map didn’t use ANY free models.

Hope you enjoy the map! :dog:

I suggest you to add some fog

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needs more dogs


I’m not played the map, but in images it’s looks amazing .

Errors (based in images):

  1. Why the dogs are swimming in poop poll ?

  2. Put more colors into the map,like: put a brown color into barker of the tree

  3. Oh…undertale reference…

  4. Add some fog (like Dminecraft said)

Sorry for my grammar .

This comment has no intention of offending you.

Add some variety to the dogs. It looks like you just copy and pasted the same dog everywhere.

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memes map ? :thinking:

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Hmm. I think the map kit is a free model too?


cute doggy

it would ruin the map imo
fog isn’t needed to be EVERYWHERE
like really


I agree with that, but in Undertale, there’s only one dog, which is white
and since this map is based on Undertale, it must have the same dog as in Undertale
I hope you get it

because poop humor funny
it’s because i had no ideas for different floods except poop and pee lol
and the map is obviously a dog map, so no wonder why I used poop and pee as floods

Please fix the bones. They look horrendous.

i actually see that the map has gained 4 votes in a day :o

ik but i’m too lazy to fix them ;-;
i have to redo the whole map just to fix them :pensive:
i need to remember the positions and stuff

I mean, the dogs are in the same pose, it just looks you like copy and pasted 1 everywhere.

cute map by epic creator



Why you rename the map to “trash” in final?

Oh nvm ._.

disney needs to see this

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