(MAP) Elysium [15 VOTES! 🎉 + 2020 VERSION!]

this map is OK by the details, but here’s a list of things I find off:

  • the first button’s parkour is really small, also you should remove those cancollide false pillars, as they are really disturbing and new players wouldn’t understand why you can’t jump on them;
  • this map isn’t really cramped, the map’s details, parkour and everything is just really small.
  • sometimes the buttons don’t press even if you press them. (too small)
  • In my opinion, the lava rises a little bit too fast for a hard map.

ik lel
i’m planning to fix the lava speed

buttons are meant to be small, not big, or it will be too easy for a player to push them.
Elysium is a challenging Hard difficulty map.
CanCollide False pillars are only details ;w;
They are not meant to be CanCollide True
I’m also planning to change the map’s difficulty to Insane, since the lava rises too fast, but, if I won’t change the difficulty of the map, I will make lava rise slower, but still a bit fast.
It’s not an easy map, so, there’s gotta be some small jumps. Actually, there aren’t many thin or small jumps, so it’s fine for a Hard difficulty map.
Every detail in the map and a platform isn’t really small imo. Most of the platforms are thicc or big. There aren’t many small platforms tbh.
And EVERY detail in the map is big, and not small imo.

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maybe put them somewhere else, not beneath the tiny platform?

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