MAP: Era Tides 🌊

Status: Whitelisted

Weekly Banner Recipient - February 2, 2021 & Map Revamp Release [UPDATE] - February 27 2021

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Map ID & Info

Status: Whitelisted, Finished
ID: hsm29c1
Music - Flood Escape 2 Era Tides OST
Creator(s): Theoquertz (Me), featuring iiLance2147ii2 (Old Version)

Old Backstory (Last Edited 2020 warning cringe lol)

Fiestas may be nice and fun, having a celebration may be allowed but yes, this pandemic caused us to stay away by a meter, causing the mayor of this place to forget to pay the taxes and fix the electricity, water tanks, etc. the time to pay is at the limit of 2am, but the mayor failed the community, the electricity and water fuses as a team, RUN, ESCAPE THE PLACE BEFORE THE ELECTRIC WATER CATCHES YOU!!!

Main Backstory, updated due to the revamped timeline as of May 8 2021

Vertigo City aftermath, you’ve escaped the disaster and reached the Island of Relaxation! Where you could relax and have fun with friends & family, but you already know what happened which is the disaster of Vertigo City and it’s no fun. Why is the place shaking? Will the island also start it’s own disaster? Well in case another one happens escape & reach the top of the tower before the tide of lava catches you! Too sad, the Island also begun the end of its era.

Map Images : Revamp (First Release Day Version



Guys ID reveal!
5348004337, hope you guys enjoy it!
still wip btw but the map is possible


Not bad it’s cool


Not that there’s anything wrong with it but why is it whenever a crazy map is added into FE2, lots of new maps use that OST? Like I’ve seen it in at least 4 maps so far


98% done

Map is finally finished!

also not the final version yet, I will be checking out some feedbacks.

Map Update:

  • Tower Room updated, added a big bell
  • Added snow particles since it’s Christmas, it’ll be replaced with rain aftermath
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added more things into the map


Guys I made a huge change into this map because I had negative feedbacks about the arrows and its difficulty, very rigged and annoying, enjoy this change and nerf



Update: Final Version has released! More changes into the map, mostly ratings is Medium - Hard Crazy

vote if you like it!

Looks nice.

I do have to question what’s with the random beams in the sky?


Like these.


I think I has the beam set to β€œFaceCamara” to true or I’m not sure.

it’s just for decorations, but I call it a Poisonous Soul

Alr I used the BM Ost this time, that’s the only fast pacing bgm ik that fits the map

i’m gonna plan on making a ost on this soon lmao

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the other attachment has a different size

Sorry guys haha, I placed the wrong map, it loads the map remakes/revamp.

and also sad, -1 vote

okay I placed the map back!

dang this is very pog!

+1 vote

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This map is cool. Although it’s very hard imo, it’s still a good map, I also worked on it.

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it looks like it was mario pipe in survival spot lol thanks theo

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