[Map] Fairytale Forest 🌲


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ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2014 OST - Cs1

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You fell asleep for like… 5 days? You don’t remember how exactly you got there, but, this place seems to be a forest… Some kind of a … fairytale forest
You are amazed by its beautiful nature, by all those magical mushrooms and mushroom houses.
You stand up, and go exploring the forest…



(Sowwy for my bad grammar, since i’m Ukranian)


- spawn with an arrow to help you

- Wow… You realise how beautiful that is!
- An entrance to the cave…

- This place is fantastic…
(this is where you can go multiple ways) - Look! It’s a waterfall!

(the end) - This looks incredibly mysterious… It seems as there was a ritual… No matter what there was, in fact, it’s still beautiful!
- Oh and you can find this chill man flexing his biceps :wink:


Everything (except mushrooms and statues: they were meshes) is made by me!
NO Free models (except map making kit lol) were used in making of this map
The map is supposed to be not extremely detailed, and the map’s purpose is to be beautiful and pleasing to player’s eyes

Bye and have fun playing this map! :slightly_smiling_face:

~ carefulscary

Very nice!
You earned a vote!


do you like the chill man secret?

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ye, it’s pretty c h i l l

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arrows look weird
platforms sometimes blocky
pls dont use graphics 1 for studio
mushrooms remind me of mario and dont fit in imo
everything looks pretty fine but the path is kinda odd

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free meshes count as free models fyi but i dont really care since some people cant make meshes (either they cant install blender or dont have experience) but im gonna try playing the map and see if its good or not

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excuse me but the name is fairytale forest
of course, there’s gotta be mushrooms

ngl the part count is kinda absurd due to the fact the map isnt really detailed, it’s kinda mediocre but okay

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pls, read the whole post before writing comments
there’s a thing called “Note” in this post where I say that this map isn’t supposed to be extremely detailed


Your acting just like TheMob99 where your fighting back on each piece of thing we suggest.

Let me play and make my own.


i never said it has to be extremely detailed i was kinda worried about the part count
read my post before answering /shrug

you misunderstood i never said i cant have mushrooms, other mushrooms would be fine and i dont like these ones though

okk real review :clap:

ok here’s a popular myth: easy’s can’t have any actual gameplay and have to be just walking. no. the gameplay goes from “peaceful” to just plain boring. 90% of the map is walking. yes you are gonna say “but nUUBEE!!! tHE mAP is EZ diffICULtY!!!11! iT cANT haVE gamPELAY or iT wilL bE considERED hARD!!!111!!!”, listen, no. just because it’s easy doesn’t mean the whole map gotta be just walking and 3 jumps. i dont really have anything other to say since its an easy map.
gameplay: 6/10 (needs improvements)

yeah you said it doesnt have to extremely detailed. im fine with that. just…
why are the grass blades spammed? also there’s 2 types which don’t fit in:

this blocky one, and this realistic one. they are the complete opposite yet you made them be next to each other which looks absolutely disgusting.

as i said, those mushrooms better fit in a mario level not a roblox fe2 map.

these statues also dont fit imo.

the detail is kinda meh. it’s not bad, but not good either.
detail: 6/10

ambience… well nothing really except the fog. it’s fine but some stuff doesn’t fit in.
ambience: 7/10


is fine, but needs improvement to be worthy enough to get my vote.


^^^ also sorry if i have grammar mistakes i wrote this in a rush


thanks for your criticism


maybe i will improve the map soon, just not now
atleast do you like the chill man secret?


Why do you write everything in a rush


because i’m always in a rush

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yeah it’s CHILL B)

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for wut

i always have to do something