🗺 Map Guide [Vol. 1]

:world_map: MAP GUIDE [VOL. 1]
a series where I pretty mush share map tips

This volume: Decoration Balance
A good rule to live by is to balance the number of decorations on the floor, air, and walls
This is a rule mostly known in Geometry Dash, but surprisingly, it also applies to Flood Escape.

This is pretty easy to understand, so I’ll move on to examples:

Here in Maelstrom, Electroblast balances all 3 by making high buildings and even beams that stretch into the air, dynamically shaped, and detailed floors combined with the mechanic detail of the walls.

Scream Fortress does this beautifully, combining the tall buildings with ghosts, bones, lavafalls, and islands in the air, creative and beautifully shaped terrain as floors, and architecturally sound structures on the walls.

But some can falter, like in Eradicated Facility, the most voted map on the forums. There is too much emphasis on the walls, less so on the floor, and practically none in the air (save for some particles). This is why some may think this room looks messy.

Tips, corrections, and criticism are well appreciated. Hope you all learned something from this tutorial!


It is true. EVERYTHING is from Geometry Dash!! :OOOO