Map Ideas for all important stuff (closed for a while)

I am closing this in 2 days.
Choose wisely.
Also F777 Viper is avalible.

  • shock one polygon ponydub
  • waterflame time machine spooky mix
  • waterflame rivals
  • f-777 viper (if avalible)

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  • Core meltdown
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Facility breakdown

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  • crazy
  • insane
  • hard
  • normal
  • easy

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  • image look at core
  • image look at start
  • image look at escape part

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  • Six Buttons
  • Five Buttons
  • Four Buttons
  • Three Buttons
  • Two Buttons
  • One Button

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flashbacks of me listening to that guys songs from before 2010

ayyy nuclear meltdown!!!

shock one polygon is deleted, the one available is ponydub (i know that since i “am” ilikefe2maptestok)

and f-777 viper

you have a good taste in music

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ayy fede ik that the pony dub version is nuclear meltdown the id is

viper is gone and its because i have used it and then boom deleted (if im sure)

viper isnt gone but cobra is

basically hazardous zone

different themes

ok boomers im back