[MAP] Jungle Inferno [V2 in progress]

Status: Gathering Support

Description of Map
Jungle but on fire. Aiming for Crazy difficulty

First entry in the Fortress series
ID 1721445628

Pictures of Map

gr8 :DDDD :+1:


is really nice

Wait a sec… the title… TF2?

This looks amazing
Edit: Holy this map is harder than dark sci

It took me over 75 tries but I finally beat it

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It’s a unique idea wow

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Ummm, I don’t think this is possible.

the door at the beginning is just terrible since I get over there and have to wait.

The part after the second button has a delay, have to wait at the pegs before they even appear.

The lava is too fast in general, expectations from avoiding it are impossible.

I can’t even do it with INF. air on as after the second button, I can’t even outrun the lava AND the path is blocked, i’m guessing it’s a door.

Maybe it was possible during the multiplayer glitch, but i’m not sure.
Don’t get me wrong, it looks good, and jumps are fair, but the unnecessary delays and the lava’s rising time make it impossible. I’m wondering if there is some thing i’m doing wrong.

I know it’s supposed to be difficult, but not impossible.
I’ll find a video and see if an update made it impossible or if i’m doing some thing wrong, because I speed through the jumps without fail in the beginning

Good decoration and map Idea though

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It’s possible, I beat it without INF air

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The door at the beginning is suppose to have a delay so everyone who took their time on the first jump to actually catch up, the only time that the eventscript will wait for them

The reason there is a delay because everything has to be perfect for the person who is actually getting the button. Why would I want it to benefit the people who just wait at the pegs expecting for someone to get the button?

It is possible, you just can’t have room for error

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There are a couple of shortcuts. I also noticed the decal on the box near the delayed door XD

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Please send pics of the shortcuts, I can’t allow that to happen

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Looks awesome bro!


looks nice already, hope you and peridamon(creator of jungle safari) collab one day :ok_hand:

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What is the name of the music in your “Flood Golf”?

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Flood Golf used Dark Skies from the game Castle Crashers

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Is there a youtube video that links to this map being played. I tried searching this map on Youtube, but it did not appear. I would look forward to seeing a map preview because I am too noob and lazy to play the map. Very solid map looking from the designs, though try to add some stone tiles on the grass in the last picture to emphasize detail. The structual output is very nice, though the grasslands are very plain IMO. Otherwise, very solid map, once again, looking at the pictures displayed.

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Good morrow to you, sir Bisney!
Lest I hither to telleth thee that there’s one problem while playing the map. if 't be true it’s well enow that thee would maketh the map less punishing for players because lest I not hath used to finish thy map. And the platforms that appeareth after pressing the first button wast eke a “little” cruel, so I would suggest that thither is another platform on top of the ones that hath been hath used to maketh t less easier, including the path whither thee receiveth the first button. lest I looking forward from thy reply. within this wall of flesh, there is a soul that counts thee its creditor.

P. S. God, not we, hath plagued thy bloody deed Elizabethan Language for thee bethink it’s nonsense.

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Atm I’ve not got any further than the pegs, but I do like it!
The use of beams was really nice as well ^-^

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Does anyone know where to go after press the fourth button?

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