Map Making Plugin | Version 0.62

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This is a companion plugin for FE2 that allows ease-of-use while building maps. It will allow you to:

  • Create and place buttons and jump-walls on any surface with ease.
  • Create AirTanks.
  • Shows where all of your buttons, air-tanks, and interactive parts are at all times (optional).
  • Edit/Create interactive parts (_Appear# _Fade# _Fall# _Sound#) +Delay and SoundId options.

Little announcement (November 19th, 2020)

Since a new Studio update to try keeping users safe, you may encounter a new pop-up regarding some plugins that may look like this:

It sounds a little scary, but for the sake of this plugin (and some of my others), this message is a little misleading. What causes this to pop up is me requiring a public module that I’ve made which hosts a bunch of functions to make certain tasks easier. I use it for most of my plugins as such:


For future iterations, I just simply decided to keep the module inside the plugin itself instead of calling it from the site. This should avoid future messages like thess.


Version 0.2

Mostly some bugfixes:

  • Some more proper UI placement for those with differing screen sizes.
  • _Sound# now makes an actual Sound instead of a NumberValue (that was the old method I knew of so I got confused).
  • Inserting ObjectValues and Sounds from outside of the plugin (how dare you) is now properly picked up by the interactives reader.
  • Interactive points now appear for models to edit (can’t be added to a model without any of them prior, yet).
  • Taking the number off of an interactive property will no longer cause an error (Not that I can see why you’d wanna do that).

Non-bug Update:

  • Selecting items now makes a different button sound.

Version 0.3

Bug Fixes

  • Water and Buttons will now be named with numbers that are missing instead of only adding on.
  • Button numbers below 0 will be shown in :red_circle: instead of :yellow_circle: or :green_circle:.

New Features:

  • You can now create interactives for models instead of only parts.
  • You can compact the item tiles for easier view.
  • UI for map settings.
  • You can now add water parts and change their states.

Other Notes:
I decided to not make an individual feature for global sound usage as you could just achieve the same effect by using the new interactive method for adding them into models. 2 birds with 1 stone.

Version 0.31

New Features:

  • You can now create Group Buttons by hitting G as you’re placing one.
  • Button Indicators will now show group buttons with a different border.
  • The 1st button will turn blue instead of green if it is a group button.

Other Notes: Changed the look of button indicators.

Version 0.4

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the bubble image not appearing when placing an air tank.
  • Fixed the settings screen whereupon initial loading all of the values wouldn’t match what was already there.
  • The MapImage on the Settings screen is now stretched out to its appropriate size instead of being square.

Version 0.5

The Tester setting is now available!

Version 0.51

Fixed the Tester setting screen not working upon opening a place that didn’t already have the settings folder in place.

Version 0.52

Did a little oopsie in 0.51 that forced the plugin to always create a settings folder as long as you had the plugin turned on, which could get annoying when you’re not working on an FE2 map. This is now fixed and will only be created (if one doesn’t exist) if you attempt to edit the settings or testers list from the plugin.

Version 0.6

A little Quality of Life update.
• If you already have an object under a model, folder, or somewhere in your workspace, a newly placed item will automatically set its parent to that of the others (or at least the first one it finds).
• Newly placed items will now be automatically selected so you don’t gotta go digging for it.
• A tweak to have the screen’s scroll bar hopefully be more accurate.

Version 0.61

Another little Quality of Life update.
While displaying button locations/numbers, clicking on them will toggle them to either be group buttons or not.

Version 0.62

Regards the little announcement above.

PSA: If upon updating the plugin and you see the error that tells you that a toolbar cannot create another button, simply turn the plugin off and on again. This is a Studio bug.

:white_check_mark: To-Do List | Nothing Yet unless new stuff is requested, and accepted as an idea.

If you have any ideas for what I should add to this, or if you find any bugs/errors, let me know by replying to this post.

🚫What I won't be adding (so don't ask):
  • Any form of auto-scripting mechanics, such as water rising.
  • A grid placement system.
  • A method of inserting the FE2 Map model (what are you even doing here if you don’t have it on-hand already?)

Have fun with it!


ty so much


We don’t need this, as someone alr made a plus in for it. Lol.


Epic! ^-^



btw i think i’m going to return

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who lol

also very Epic Stuff

  • A snap to grid option
  • An option to make the “Display & Edit Interactives” option have a toggle for models
  • Also be able to place down “_Water” parts with a “State” StringValue already inside them
  • Custom gui for settings
  • Inserting the FE2 mapmodel (the one in Crazyblox’ inventory) into the map. This should be possible since it’s always free to take.
  • Have the _Sound interactive also have a toggle option to not play in a part, but for the whole map
  • Button numbers get messed up whenever a previous one is removed (like it doesnt actually look at the name of the buttons, it just counts the amount of buttons, which may make a second _Button2 if already one _Button2 exists)
  • Following previous bug, the script counts ALL models in the map, and it only counts if its a child of workspace. (This one was very preventable)
  • If for example an ObjectValue named “_Fade3” was renamed to “_Fade”, this would throw an error if you looked inside of the part using the plugin gui
  • “_Sound” interactive is supposed to be a “Sound” instance, not a “NumberValue”

This is a very good plugin for FE2, I really like it! This will definetely help newer and older map makers.


I thought plugins were able to change scripts?

They are. I just don’t know how to do stuff like that yet.

same lol

i forgot, someone who helped to script in i think FEM

Cool. Can’t wait to use this :sunglasses:.




So, to address your ideas and bugs… there’s a lot of issues here.

This would go to be a very underused feature, as most maps don’t really require super-central specific placements on these items, and the exact increments and where to start/end said increments are far too variable for use. It’d be an absolute mess at best.

This was intended to be a feature. I can make it show up for the models, but not sure yet what the best method for adding them to models would be yet.

This is super vague. More details please?

Wasn’t this feature ultimately decrepit due to security reasons?

This would be a similar problem to making interactives added to models. Unsure what the best method of doing this would be right now.

This is a little too vague to understand. Can you be more specific?

Then don’t take out the number…? You’re not supposed to do that anyway, and throwing an error would be a good way of telling you “Hey, you messed up.”

If it’s something that actually breaks the plugin and prevents it from working, then I’ll find a fix for it.

…are you sure? Last I checked in one of my older maps, it was a NumberValue with the ID set in its Value.




It’s a sound now I guess

Actually scratch that, I just re-checked. Yeah you’re right it’s a sound now.

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let’s get this bread lads