[MAP] Omni 🔮 [5 VOTES!]

Status: Work In Progress | Whitelisted

I made this map all the way back near early 2019 to late 2018 with JiroAzurai & The Creative Bunch but I later abandoned the map since pretty much all members quit. I recently had the motivation to finish it so here it is. Please leave criticism as this is in it’s early stage of development!

Map Information
Creators: animu_mikey, johnthebest2008, AshleyElssaYT, FaZeNinja689, CoreJC0mpact, TabszT, JiroAzurai, DressPress, ToastyMarshmellowYT, cxxfee & hallowynl [Violet Lab Model]
Difficulty: Normal Crazy
ID: 3475430395
Soundtrack: Sonic Mania - Main Menu

Pictures of Map
Cave Part/Spawn

Violet Laboratory by BigBoi & CrazyDevst


Crystal Cavern

This man

I’m not a professional map maker

So to me it looks good

2nd room is good, but I dislike the first

When I submitted, I didn’t finish pictures! I’ll make sure to add them as soon as possible!

time to change the quote on that sign

Can you give a suggestion on what I could do to improve the first room? I ran out of ideas for parkour.

it isn’t the parkour, but the lava texture. Maybe change it to the one in poisonous valley? Another thing is for you to try to make the crystals more spread out if its a cave

The was the original idea. So I will go ahead and do that! I also made add like a waterfall of lava I’m not sure yet

ye waterfall would be nice

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the detail isn’t all that great. but i still like the map otherwise

what would you change about the detail?

the lava texture and color, remove that sign that says crystal cavern and change the crystals to better o nes

add more detail to the emptier parts

what is better o ness

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Why does Violet Laboratory look really similar to the original one

Umm ok. Cave part reminds me of some discontinued map for some reason that used Roblox terrain.

actuALly hellish helped too but i guess i didnt update the model

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I had a lot of stress remaking this so BigBoi was kind enough to lend me that part for the map. He is credited and I don’t take any credit for making it.

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