Map Preview (Give feedback!)

I’m currently making a new map, and here’s a preview of it:

oh yeah this part is inspired by an old Roblox game called “Glass Houses”

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bothering tree color 7-10

alright i completed the entire part

alright, this will connect to crossroads


It looks great for the nostalgic map! I like the classic buildings. :+1:

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Thanks! Now I’m working on the Crossroads part, and oh boy, this one is a hard one.

If you ever need help, I can always help since I am making a crossroads map as well.

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I tried to remake the Crossroads map, but not too accurate. The size is a bit tinier tho, so it’s a challenge the fit all of them in a tinier space.

Wow. It looks cool! Nostalgic owo

nostalgia uwu
also plz don’t ban me for saying uwu uwu


aight ima ban you

Crossroads Progress:


You said the word…Sry for the revive Im sorry dont hate me