Map Submission Guidelines and Support


Hello, welcome to the Map Creations category! This category is specifically designed for users to engage in sending posts of their own community Flood Escape 2 map. If you are new here to the forum and would like to share your community map to socialize with other map makers or the community itself, I highly recommend you read this, because there are rules that apply when sending a map submission to this category. Anyways let’s get started.

Template Format / Submission Requirements

Status: Gathering Support

Description of Map
Enter your Description Here

Pictures / Videos of Map-
– Add your Pictures or Videos Here

This template will automatically pop up if you decide to enter the topic creation tab for map creations only. This template must be in your map creation submission in order for your post to be accepted. This template is allowed to be modified to give more detail about your map, though status, the description of the map, and images of the map are mandatory in the submission. Now I just said something about map submissions being accepted? Well, as of a recent update of many posts not following map guideline instructions, the map submissions will be pending for our moderation team to review. If your map submission is accepted by our mod team, congratulations! Your submission is fully complete and able to be viewed by the public. However, your map submission can also be rejected if it doesn’t follow these requirements:

  • Must have status and the description of the map.
  • Images must be added to showcase what the map looks like.
  • Must be in the map submission category.
  • PLEASE do not add a link to your map model with a sentence describing the map.
  • PLEASE have your map be appropriate to be accepted.
  • Map submission should at least have two pictures or more showcasing the map.
  • Work in progress map submissions are allowed, please just mention the status, so our community can understand.
    If you see a map that does not follow guidelines or noticing that a rejected map accidentally got accepted by our mods, please contact our moderation team so we can lock the topic and call it done.


Difficulty Categories
What would be necessary to add to your map submission is adding difficulty categories. These categories are part of the main category of Map Creations, though these indicate how difficult would the community map be if it was featured in gameplay. Four sub-categories are shown: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Insane. These difficulties follow the Flood Escape 2 difficulty system, and each difficulty is given a meaning of the map. This will give a meaning with solo and not with multiplayer.

  • Easy - This is a category of maps that barely affects struggle with gameplay, as these maps require little effort to complete solo.
  • Normal - These maps have an average amount of effort given into them, these maps may require navigation and platforming is usually harder.
  • Hard - Maps with this category can have a lot of effort when it comes to gameplay. The environment in these maps are usually dangerous and do require skill or practice to beat these maps.
  • Insane - Insane is the most common difficulty with community maps. Like its meaning, these maps are tremendous and they can be at different rates of effort or platforming, even with an insane difficulty. Maps like these take a lot of skill and practice to finish, having a lot of paths and navigation, as well as a very dangerous environment with liquids and platforming.
  • Crazy - Crazy is a new additional difficulty used by map makers to represent maps with extreme difficulty. Maps like these are meant to be completed with professional skill, or at least a ton of practice. Maps like these are usually strict, and players usually have to do a perfect run in order to complete.

Map Creations Selections
These selections organize all the map submissions by user depending how they organize it.

  • Latest - Organizes the map submissions on their recent activity, depending if a user sent a post in a map submission, then that submission would be at the top of the list.

  • Unread - This section notifies the user on all of the map submission activity that has not been explored by them. The number next to the word depends, but it shows the amount of posts that you have not checked out.

  • Top - This section organizes the submissions by popularity of the posts. The order of the posts are calculated by the views and the amount of replies, though these posts can change positions depending on the time. You can check out the top posts of the day, week, month, a quarter of a year, a year, and even all time.

  • Discord - Uh…gives you the discord link to the Crazyblox Games Discord server? Honestly, I don’t even know why that’s there.

  • Votes - This sections organizes all the submissions by the amount of votes that the maps have, showing support of the map. We’ll talk about votes after this.


Every map submission post will have a feature called “votes” that will only appear if the post’s category is set to “Map Creations.” Anyways, the map submission vote system measures how much support you gained from the map, made from other users. If people tend to enjoy the effort put into your map, then they could give you a vote to show their support for you and their hype to play the map. A user can only vote once per post to prevent vote spam. The creator of the post is able to vote their own map, however, this is highly discouraged by the community, though if it works on a popular map, it wouldn’t really matter.
Votes will not get your map added officially to the Flood Escape 2 game just because you have many votes in a map. Crazyblox and the development team would need to analyze the part count, completion time, and other factors. Votes are only present to show support of the map.


Eventually when your map is accepted to the map creations category, it will get noticed by users in the community. These people will talk about your map, giving many opinions and suggestions on the map to give you hint ideas of improving your FE2 community map. A suggestion would be to add a poll to your submission so people can share their opinions on the poll to give a real review of the map. Please do not be alarmed about the criticism of your map. That does not mean the community hates your map, they are just trying to improve your map. Though please do not tease or bully anyone about maps, remember that everyone has their own ability and skill, and if you get a chance, help them and improve their map making ability. I’m pretty sure it will turn out well.

Well anyways, this post gives you a summary of the Map Creations category and an idea of how it works. Anyways I hope you are ready to make a submission. Good luck and happy map making!

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If anyone did not follow guideline of Map Submission. if not, i’ll ping moderator to lock the post which it is not be FOLLOW GUIDELINE OF MAP SUBMISSION.


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