[Map] Sunset Cliff 🌄


Whitelisted, Work in Progress




A map inspired by Undertale’s final cutscene. A revamp of my August 2019 map Unseen Beauty. Basically a mountain in a sunset scene.


You are a hiker. You’ve climbed a lot of mountains and know how to deal with every dangerous situation that happens there.
This time, you decided to climb a precious mountain known as Mt. Floods. When you arrived there, you were so tired that you fell asleep…
2 hours later…
You woke up and first thing you’d saw is a beautiful waterfall. As you pack up your items back in the hiking backpack, you noticed that the level of water is suspiciously high… Oh no! Seems like the water’s about to rise and you have to climb to the mountain top as fast as possible. Will you make it out alive?


- sit on a bench to finish the map and to watch the beautiful sunset above the mountain!
- the full view of the sunset


Undertale - Respite

Keep in mind that the map’s scripting is in work in progress as of now. When I will script the map, I will update the post.
Hope you enjoy it <3
here have a cookie for reading this long post :cookie:

ay this looks amazing

i love the atmostphere

good job

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nice lore
pretty good design
fresh and realistic
peaceful gameplay
+1 vote

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added a wooden platform here so it will be easier for new players to get on that isle

Omg, that’s an amazing map! Keep up the good work!


yooo nice lighting and atmosphere


i love it :smiley:

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very nice, althought can you make some of the terrain platforms less blocky

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this is roblox you DUM DUM ofc its blocky :joy: just kidding

ok then, which platforms though?

i mean i just made this platform and it’s not blocky lol

i meant the ones in the water

oh, ok

though idk if i can fix their blockyness but ill maybe give it a try

6 votes in 1 minute

pro gamer move :sunglasses:

didn’t you make a topic of this before?

i didn’t
man ur tripping

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r e v i v e

this is epicness in a double nutshell
this is pretty epic

revive and 11 votes in a day

pro gamer moveee

tell me what you personally dislike in the map and i’ll try to fix it if i find a way how!

a m b i e n t