Map Tutorial (do not change title)

What is Tutorial? A tutorial is a method of transferring knowledge and can be used as part of a learning process. More interactive and specific than a book or lecture, a tutorial tries to lead by example and provide the information to complete a particular task.

If you read, when here is a hyperlink to get Map Making Kit of Flood Escape 2 / FE2 Map Test:

This is the model you can use, so take it. If you have, or if you own Laptop. Download the Roblox Studio and place your E-Mail and Password or use the account of yourself. If you won, place this FEMAP Kit out of the Toolbox.

Do not size the spawn
Do not remove Eventstring and Eventscript.
Do not make specials from the lift of the Facility.
Do not make attempts.
Do not delete Button (Ask A GAY Journey)

Those are the rules of this time.


The name is there, of a button in Explorer page.
Name there: _Button1
And if next button, it’s a yellow button of the previous button: _Button2
If you want to do a Group Button? Use ObjectValue and name it “Group”


The name is of a Button likes “_Button1 or another Buttons (_Button#)”
Interactives is a ShapePart(Part, Wedge, Union, MeshPart, Sphere, Cylinder)

Of Appearing a part is: _Appear1
Of making invisible and you cannot touch is: _Fade1
Of making them broken is: _Fall1

If you can do it with a button function, from moving the part if you press the button? That can we say atleast.


If you want to support this folder? Well don’t delete them.
If you not want to support this folder? Well delete this object.


Do not delete the settings, it’s very popular.

BGM is a music or a OST or another soundtracks.
Choose a ID of the website in roblox.

Creator is a name who created this map or making a group or team of Team Create.

Do Difficulty (1 = Easy, 2 = Normal, 3 = Hard, 4 = Insane, 5 = Crazy, 6 = Unknown)

MapImage is a Image of a thumbnail, if you want. Use a good ID of the website, if some error code, when the image is has been deactivated.

MapName is a title of a name what for fantasy here is.


For moving Water, here are the evenstring.
And if you don’t want, use the Eventscript.
Link here:

So this is the end, goodluck!

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