Map upcoming Schedule

“2020” Teaser

Hey, escapee. Welcome to my upcoming map schedule. This schedule is about all of my maps in my storyline. And also this forum is only talking about some sneak peaks and some updates of some maps so don’t make up an off-topic agruments, dramas or talk about other maps than this. This isnt made up for anyone or some kind of general so dont complain about how I made this forum. Thank you and I hope you like all of my creations.

– Coming soon in 2020 –
Map List

  • Emerald Grove (Revamped) - 3007544686 Finished :ballot_box_with_check: + Not whitelisted :x: Emerald Grove (Revamped) (15 Votes! Thank you!)
  • Sunsteria - Coming soon
  • Industrial Shore - Coming soon
  • Astral Strelizia (by CrystalTokyo) (Not a part of storyline) - Coming soon
  • Water System/Industrial System (Revamped) - Coming soon in Summer 2020
  • Sunset Temple (Revamped) - Coming soon in Late Fall 2020
  • TRIA: Terminal (By TRIA Team) - Uncomfirmed
  • Nitrogen Zone/ Iceximal idk (By The Ice People, hosted by N4kt) - Uncomfirmed

Teaser upcoming
Coming soon in 2021
Map List

  • Uncomfirmed


  • Finish TRIA:Terminal
  • Finish the 1st storyline

Sunsteria > Industrial Shore > Enchanted Mushway > Emerald Grove > Water System/ Industrial System > Glacier Blizzard > Nitrogen Zone > Shutdown > Sunstopia > ???

  • Finish all of Deathrun, Obby King, 15 Seconds schedule
  • Start with a new storyline but in other games??
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I am trying to image that what do those white thingies refer to

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I see rings

sonic ring


What is this supposed to be…

looks like saturn lol


okay cool
also who are you

lol whats this
also is that unity?

Its like… Planet?

my guy you ever heard of beams

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It is not a beam

okay lol

box in da sky

nice screensaver

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Square moon

my guy i was refering to the skybox lol

my guy that’s probably unity

my guy ok

did you actually fail to spell “my” are you kidding me