Maple Valley 2021 🍁 (35+ Votes)

I also added a update list to keep the updates going and letting people know what happed to the Maple Valley map.


Um ok. I never heard that option before but ok.

Maple Mines took a week to build

But Maple Temple I will take my time to build for better details and good feedback starting now. The map should be releasing either March 2021 or May 2021.

Maple maple maple.

Do you like maple stuff a little too much?

I might record both maps for comparison.

Or only one idk

Its ok. I’d suggest closing the first section because there is so much space. Try squishing the walls together more so it doesn’t affect gameplay, but it makes the map look not as empty. Also I think that you should turn the part before the cave part of the cave, since the huge metal slab that rises to stop the flood doesnt look good. The game play is meh, I’d try to make each button unique, for example the buttons in the first section are just platform jumps. Try changing it to ledges or stumps

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Also, my building has improved over time that’s the gameplay isn’t that good due to making the layout when my building skills are bad to my next map should way better and I will actually spend lots of time making it for great gameplay and enjoyment.

Should I do the changes that ImCrazyRoblox said?

  • No
  • Yes

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I’m starting the work for the v2.4 update right now!

After I release the v2.4 update for Maple Valley (Revamp Version) I will do another poll for more improvements. Also, If you encounter a really strong shortcut or a bug! Contact me immediately to report it so I can do a mainteceth patch to fix so it won’t make that map look bad. Also, I could improve the gameplay if you guys tell me where?

Should I Add A Waterfall?
  • No
  • Yes

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v2.4 update Will be releasing soon!

Should I lock this post and repost after the revamp or just update the pictures?
  • Lock This Post And Repost
  • Update The Pictures

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yes I watched a vid on it
seems empty, try adding some stuff like waste

I did but should I add more bushes or boxes?

What Should I Add?
  • More Trees
  • Bushes
  • More Boxes
  • All

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New Update The Bushes are no longer round like the trees like this post first came out. It now a mash just like the trees.

Also, the trees are darker due to blends in with the grass!

Quick Question: What should I do to improve the gameplay?

more gameplay in the valley part