Maple Valley (TwiistedPandora Version)

Name: Maple Valley
Difficulty: Hard
Creator(s): Manny69046
BGM: Manel Navola - FE2 OST Autumn Hideaway
Map ID: 3304971170

Note: This map is a prequel to Maple Mines.


Maple Valley Has Been Made

v1.0 (2019 Version) Or TwiistedPandora Version

The Map Has Been Extremely Revamped
Difficulty Has Been Changed From Normal To Hard
Added Fog And Skybox & Added Swimming Nad Removed Walking H*ll

Max Update Note

v2.0 is out but it’s in a different ID and different post.
This ID and post will no longer receive updates
This version will still exist but it will not be updated anymore and it will be buggy and twerk will be bad
For a cleaner (less buggy and more twerks improvements) experiment and fun gameplay go to the revamp link and the bottom of the “Screenshots” tab!



2nd & 3rd Button

4th & 5th Button

Lower Climbing Temple Cave Thingy

Upper Climbing Temple Cave Thingy

Final Room

The Door To Maple Mines

Revamp Version: Maple Valley (Revamped Version)

Testing rn

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Ok so

First off here is what i don’t like about your map:
-A bit blocky
-The 3 Platforms at the end should rise from the lava instead of appearing
-Text susch as ‘‘Entrance To Maple Mine’’

What I like:

-Difficulty / Gameplay

Here is what should you do to improve the map
-Valley Is a bit overused and it does’t fit, Maple Creekside is more fiting.
-Also add some waterfalls
-Maybe texture to water?
-Remove the lava gaps from that Vent
-Add outlines to parts like, To make it look better.

Totally Deserves a vote for its difficulty and Theme!


Great name, great colors! I like it!

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it doesnt even look like one
it could be more of a lake or so, since creeks are meant to be darker

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What could have been Improved:

  • Definetly terrain, pentagons are seriously overused and uncreative. Very meh.
  • Trees should be rotated to give more variation, same goes with the boxes
  • Temple has big texture spam
  • The terrain is blocky

Um ok

Why did people don’t give my maps attention?

Yeah, its like they do to mine…

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please give my map attention.

Now your begging for votes?

Is there a reason?


I’m not begging. It just I want my map to get attention. I don’t care about the votes.

This map is good although it has some blocky parts like door to Maple Mines.

Overall this map is good I will give a vote.

This is my opinion don’t judge me ;-;

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the door is kinda bad tbh to I don’t blame anyone with their opinions.

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Why th is this in the #flood-escape-2 category


Oh I forgot about that that I was testing it but it not letting me change back to #Map-Creations:MapSubmissions-Hard