Maple Valley

Name: Maple Valley
Difficulty: Hard
Creator(s): Manny69046
BGM: Manel Navola - FE2 OST Autumn Hideaway
Map ID: 3304971170

Note: This map is a prequel to Maple Mines.



2nd & 3rd Button

4th & 5th Button

Lower Climbing Temple Cave Thingy

Upper Climbing Temple Cave Thingy

Final Room

The Door To Maple Mines

Testing rn

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Ok so

First off here is what i don’t like about your map:
-A bit blocky
-The 3 Platforms at the end should rise from the lava instead of appearing
-Text susch as ‘‘Entrance To Maple Mine’’

What I like:

-Difficulty / Gameplay

Here is what should you do to improve the map
-Valley Is a bit overused and it does’t fit, Maple Creekside is more fiting.
-Also add some waterfalls
-Maybe texture to water?
-Remove the lava gaps from that Vent
-Add outlines to parts like, To make it look better.

Totally Deserves a vote for its difficulty and Theme!


Great name, great colors! I like it!

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it doesnt even look like one
it could be more of a lake or so, since creeks are meant to be darker

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What could have been Improved:

  • Definetly terrain, pentagons are seriously overused and uncreative. Very meh.
  • Trees should be rotated to give more variation, same goes with the boxes
  • Temple has big texture spam
  • The terrain is blocky

Um ok

Why did people don’t give my maps attention?

Yeah, its like they do to mine…

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please give my map attention.

Now your begging for votes?

Is there a reason?


I’m not begging. It just I want my map to get attention. I don’t care about the votes.

This map is good although it has some blocky parts like door to Maple Mines.

Overall this map is good I will give a vote.

This is my opinion don’t judge me ;-;

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the door is kinda bad tbh to I don’t blame anyone with their opinions.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=va3lE0sMLzM&feature=youtu.be Video

Why th is this in the #flood-escape-2 category


Oh I forgot about that that I was testing it but it not letting me change back to #Map-Creations:MapSubmissions-Hard