Maps that i WANTED to create but i havent any skills and good pc

yeah. thats pretty long post ;D

  1. Paranoid Tower.

Factically this is my first map ever created (yes its already created) but i have 0.000000000001 scripting skills xD. idk when ill found a guy who can just script this one.

  1. BOOMBAYAH (layout)

i have the full map in my head, but idk how to born it irl. It is layout with sort of “detail”. will be or not, but its dedicated to @Gradimir (привет трай зис) and veryfakeguest (scary to ping him ecks dee)

here is the plan of map (yes, i was planning it) and song.

  1. DDU-DU DDU-DU (layout)

sequel to BOOMBAYAH. actually have better ideas. (like flying e.t.c) yes, i am k-pop fan and blink.

Plan (yes again) and song.

  1. Familiaric.

map which is dedicated to me. will be added (or not) all memories from roblox from my 2 year experience. will not say song because it will be overused REEEEEEEE.

  1. Acropolis.

Will be (or not) dedicated to a level from gd (Acropolis by Zobros.) and Enszo (because i always imagine if acropolis will be a prequel to flashbacks LOLOLOLOLOLOL) (and because literally all of the his maps is made with waterflame music) so yes, i still imagine.

  1. Coastal City.

this one will be like dystopian world but city will be smaller (cuz ill add mountains and sea) (or not). this one will be crazy, and will try my best to make it deserves to be in FE2. (if i get a pc not a small laptop ree).

  1. Dark-Ski Facility 2.

this idea was in my head before crazy announces his sequel, + it will be a prequel (OR NOT LMAO). music will be composed by myself lmfao.

  1. Chineese Garden.

This one will be easy, because fe2 needs easy maps. (for example, 4 easy and 7 insanes in fe2 himself.)

  1. Chineese Garden 2.

just crazy version of CG lmao.

  1. Old Cathedral.

Recent idea to make another fe2-deserved map. Just an old Cathedral xd.

  1. Comodo.

Just a synced level with music.

  1. Epic Ruins.

old epic minigames lobby ruins. nothing special right here.

  1. Death Ruins.

Like EM lobby ruins, but Death Run lobby ruins.

  1. Last Island.

will be (or not) my final map.

  1. HIP (layout)

Got this idea yesterday. Just a layout with sync.

thanks for take your time to read this topic! hope you enjoyed :slightly_smiling_face:


why share them then? :thinking:

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i am tired.

wait, did you want To uSe mY iDeA!!1!1!1

why are you posting them then lmao

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Fed already asked and DressPress already explained.

you are posting this because you are tired? what???

no lol. i meant, if you dont want people to not use your ideas, its not a good idea to post em here.


I had this idea in the past
I scrapped it because it was poorly executed lol




What was that


Ok then?

Don’t worry about it.

I’m not worrying.

I meant as in “Just ignore it.”

Alright then.

You don’t need any fancy computer, I’ve been using potatoes all my life so you should be fine.


YT Rewind 2018:


Common sense.
He’s using them so someone creates them for him
I can read brains