Marmalade Heights **DISCONTINUED**

Status: Discontinued.

No-longer updating this map as I am officially abandoning it.

Description of Map
Marmalade Heights; travel through a variety of obstacle courses including six buttons to activate in order to reach the summit. It may seem Insane without teamwork. If you’re soloing this map, and make 2 single mistakes, you’re pretty much doomed after the first section doorway will seal off eventually. You then have around twenty seconds before the water will begin to rise in the next section.


  • Improved Fencing,
  • More trees & Bushes,
  • More crates throughout the map,
  • Bridge is now damaged,
  • Water in the next section now has a longer delay to rise, but rises faster,
  • Vegetation is now brighter.

Map ID: 1138914917
Music: Elektronomia - Desire (not copyright)
Map Name is based of ‘Marmalade Valley’ from Paper Mario; Color splash.

Pictures of Map-


I tested this map before you posted it on the forums, The design is great and the game play is amazing. But I don’t think the first part looks great, the game play looks boring at that part. Try adding a bit more parkour?

I recall playing this map before this forum post, I’ve got to say, I loved the map! But… I think that the map’s open-ness should be filled, especially the first scene, where it’s just a pond of water. I suggest:

  • placing some reeds
  • a stranded island with some vegetation, ( just to set a mood to the scene )

Overall, this is a marvellous masterpiece of a map with great gameplay! :heart:

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Try using constructive criticism if you disagree with the design of a map, as constructive criticism helps the map maker improve their map.

Thanks for the Feedback! Any other improvements I could possibly do with the map?

Seems great! I’ll test it soon, but I feel that it is great, although at first glance seems strikingly similar to Oriental Groove.

Oriental Grove* :+1: Happy 2 help

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I was thinking about that… was it groove or garden… but I was like… it’s not like I dance so it must be garden… lol.

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Well… uh… I played it a few times… still can’t complete it…
I like the music though!
I play it more later. Seems fun.

it looks really nice. maybe some decors on the walls like crystals?

Wow very nice map
Looks like oriental grove+autumn hideaway
Not copyrighted music…
Me: yey!!! Safe 4 recording lol
Do I see McDonald’s? I want McDonald’s…
All I can say that you can add a little bit more detail???

hey what do u think of my new map Inverted World? still Wip though :smiley:

hey man what do u think of my new map Inverted World? still Wip though :smiley:


yes thaank you!11!

oMG fED dONT rEVIV olD mAPIS :rage:


yEs mEE caN oNlY rEVIv nUb :rage: :rage: :rage:

UWu I remember this map :0000 nostalgia time xD

It still exists

:clap: Awesome :clap:

this is really what i want in FE2