Marred Dreams Review

I just played the new easy map in FE2, Marred Dreams by Crazyblox. Here are my uncategorized thoughts on it.

Do I like the map? Short answer: yes. Long answer is below.

Well, this map was a surprise to me. I knew Crazy was making a new map, but I never expected it this soon. I enjoyed this map. It has rather fun gameplay. But I have a few gripes. I feel like there were too many group buttons and the flood rate was too fast for an easy map. The parkour was nice and simple though. The design was good, but not as good as some of the other maps. I liked how the map was all one big area instead of a bunch of different areas, and how it all seemed to connect. The map felt open, which gave more space to embrace the trees, grass, and other amazing features of this map. I feel like this works well on the harder side of the easy pool, just a bit harder than Axiom. I liked the bridges between buttons, they had a lot of nifty details. All around a good map. On the FE2MTR /100 scale, I’d give this map an 82.

What do you think of it?


i haven’t even actually tried it yet

i’ll give my opinion later

lol 2 posts asking what we think about it

wait it has been released?

Short and sweet. Acid does seem to rise fast but it’s easy to recover.


I loved it already

I honestly wish the map got a bit extended or the end area was somewhere else

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i wish the acid was purple


a toxic easy