(May) quit forums

Yeah. I bet no one will care about this. But I may quit forums. Why exactly?

I can act pretty toxic here… And I feel like I become a worse person every time that happens. I want to take a break from being rude. Pretty much that.
2-Forum Members
Yes, you can’t deny it. There are quite a lot of nice forum members! But sometimes people can be tryhards which want attention such as Eleven, but there’s something which I dislike the most. When people push themselves down. Yeah, you’ll say “bUt fEd, gEt OvR iT!1!1!” No. It’s hard mostly when it’s friends such as Sugar_Void and Harri (Sometimes BaconBoi) which do it. Man, I can get pretty sad and mad at the same time.

So I hope you understand. I didn’t say some stuff since I want to keep those personal. No, I am not quitting yet, even if I try, I’ll return since the forums are impossible to leave ;-;
Thanks to everyone who supported me, though.

Why leave? You have some good friends here!

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So…you will quit or not?

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It’s my fault isn’t it? Like I said, I’m always available for messaging about personal issues with me, so if you flag me, it’s fine.


Not really.

You clearly said. I’m always open for a flag you do realize that right?

It isn’t your fault. It’s just that I overreact.

Oh…I was confused, sorry.

Isn’t that my job to overreact? I clearly do it all the time with my emotional freakouts I spam at you guys.

Stop, please.

You can flag me if you want the community to be better.

Stop being so hard on yourself.


I’m not being hard on myself. I’m just trying to make it better by destroying the problem. By the problem I mean me. I’m the problem.

You don’t have to be the problem.

tbh yea you kinda act a bit questionable (dont hate me please) but that doesnt make you toxic tho

you are a cool lad, you make fun maps, but ill respect your opinion if you want to take a break


like mat wdym exactly?

i tend to act the very same y know

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dont hate me please, but sometimes you tend to say stuff that comes out a bit shocking or something, but most of the time you are fine dude

also yea i agree i also tend to say questionable things, we all do i think

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dude calm down you have posted like 4 things in this topic saying to flag yourself