Mega Collab Hosted By codecody1245(Cody)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey Guys Cody Back With An Collab Theme:Idk yet Probale Outside And Tech Note: Must Friend me codecody1245 When We Are Done Dont Put Ur Id In Ours Becuse If u Do Then U Will Miss Up Have Fun(Not AN Rule) Leave Ur Ign (Username) And What Will u Be Doing
k Thanks BYEEE


Need discord?

no not yet okay

Okay, send a friend request to me (drcufel)

just did

Now just invite me

look for ggggg
plot name)

I’ll do it. AsteroidRBLX is the name and I can build.

hey friend me ign:codecody1245

Okay, how many people are there?

Sorry if I’m late but it’s for your own good
Why you should never collab
In FE2, of course

you can’t just stop people from collabing

Yes but I can post vidoes on collabing

Can I join?
Roblox username: ErrorGlitchNotFound
I can do outside and cave parts
Not that good at anything else

The team:

You (AsteroidRBLX)
heyitzcodyplays (codecody)
me (drcufel)
And Error (ErrorGlitchNotFound)

i think 2

Yay I am happy

I think

Because heyitzcode it’s like the host of collab, so, wish he will add you…